ok so i need help.. anwser asap please?

i told my that i was going to a friends house to stay the night..

well we snuck out and got caught...( we got caught smokeing)

and drinking...so the cops bought me home... and my mom yelled at me....so i was punishedmy step dad wanted to whip me but my mom told him no... so then i decided to skip school...and got caught again.....well this time my moms not home...and its me,my step dad and brother so the police called my dad and he said i could look forward to a tanned a$$

but i think im to old.....do you think i deserve this..im 14..what would you do to me if i was your kid??


my dad wrote something on here called ok so i need help

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    No, you are not too old to be spanked....you deserve it but it should be your mom who ultimately decides how you are punished. I would spank your butt good and then take EVERYTHING out of your room except your bed and clothes. And don't even think about going to friends' houses, talking on the phone, playing on the computer, etc, etc. If you were my kid I might even make you pee in a cup to be sure your not using drugs. I might even take you to a counselor and this summer you would be sitting summer school retaking English and Grammar. Smoking and drinking is bad enough but lying and skipping school is going to lead you down a path you don't want to go down. Pull your head out of your butt, find a better class of friends and get your crap together.

  • 1 decade ago

    well here's the thing

    my parent's whipped me growing up and

    i swore that i would not hit my kids. but i do think that you should be punshied. i no you don't want to hear that but if you looked deep in to the desicions you have been making they are destroying your life. think about it you're only 14 and you are smoking and drinking and worst of all you are skipping school; if you don't stay in school how will you make money when you are older? know one will higher you without an education. and i know that you probablly don't think the drinking and smoking thing is a big deal since your friends do it but at least stay in school. and no i don't think your step- dad should hit you. but you should be grounded.

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    1 decade ago

    If all he does is whip your ***, really, is it that bad?

    Do you realize what you did? When my cousin snuck out of the house, he got kidnapped.

    Think about that.

    If you were my kid, I'd cry.

    I'd be so worried and I'd be afraid I would lose you.

    How would you feel if your mom snuck out and never came back?


    And you thought, for years and year and years that she abandoned you, but then you find out someone kidnapped her, and murdered her.

    You need to love your mom a little more.

    Think before something really bad happens to you, you mean everything to them, if you died tomorrow they wouldn't want to live either.

    Please think about what you bring to the world before you go getting into things like that.

  • 1 decade ago

    ok first off u shouldnt be smoking OR drinking. so im sorry but i think that ur dad is only doing this so u wont smoke or drink or do something bad like that again. i do think that ur a little old for spanking but u still need to stop smoking and drinking NOW.

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  • 3 years ago

    ultimately, you may call the police for something. no remember if or no longer it is going to do you any stable is yet another tale. there is a few distinction between somebody leaving their trash approximately and vandalizing something. If the tree/swings/regardless of are on your living house, then you definately can relatively make a criticism for trespassing, however the police are constrained in what may be completed in such concerns, and would land up directing you to report fees on your guy or woman. consistent with hazard you ought to call the police and ask for an officer to call you back, and you're able to clarify the area and ask the officer to describe your rights in that distinctive difficulty, as they're going to variety in diverse factors. no longer all, yet maximum police agencies are in straightforward terms too chuffed to attain this. this will additionally keep away from a police visit on your place, which relatively does no longer go ignored by way of the chums. the ingredient that ought to undertaking me is that if the toddler is 'very undesirable' would calling the police (which i've got self belief would quantity to little greater suitable than an officer conversing with him and advising him to stay out of others' property) help concerns or harm them? would he be in all probability to be there greater frequently or would the visit from the police be sufficient to maintain him away? i'm going to be incorrect, yet from previous journey, young little ones like this hardly care what the police tell them and, in the event that they are no longer arrested, will proceed to do as they please. Likewise, or probably the underlying reason, their mothers and dads hardly care the two. foodstuff for theory. That pronounced, I wish we could return to the days once you ought to head exterior and beautify his in the back of with a nicely-located footprint. I do have self belief that ought to have plenty greater result on him. Sigh.

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    1 decade ago

    you did things agaist the will of your parents.. and lets put things into light your step dad is not your parent.. and most people dont like children that are not theirs.. your mom should have though of the consequences before going to him.. now its to late.. you are in the way of their happiness.. what i suggest to you.. obey the rules of the house.. do good in school get good marks.. learn all you can. stay out of sight of the steop father.. in three years you can join the army i recommend the navy.. learn a trade or get money for college.. then you will be able to do anything but right now you are in a bad place.. so dont make any waves.. only 3 years more ok.

  • 1 decade ago

    for one thing, you need to learn to stop doing such things. and yes, I feel your step dad is right, that is what you need. if that is what it takes. I know you may have heard this before, but he is doing what is best for you. you need to understand all the things you were doing was wrong. so ask yourself truthfully, should you be punished or not? put yourself in your dad's place, what would you do? I know you will not chose my answer, but when asked, I will try and tell the truth. like it or not.

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    Tanning is child abuse and I'd have him arrested for harassment if he even brought it up and if he did It, I'd go into a hospital and have them treat me, write up a report, take the report to the cops, charge him with assault, get a criminal order of protection against bn8ik preventing him from stepping within 500 yeards of the house, even if mom says not to dioing it. If mom won't protect you if you got beaten and tanned, I'd charge mom with endangering your life and have her arrested too.

    Meanwhile, why are you acting out? no love at home I suppose. Start loving yourself.

    Read How To Be Your Own Best Friend.

  • 1 decade ago

    As much as I would want to tan your bottom as well, I would ask you what you think would be a fair punishment and if reasonable, I just may consider it.

    Hitting really doesn't solve problems it only encourages them and promotes violence however I would still hold you accountable for your behavior. Take care and BeHaVe!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    Just don't do things like that and think that you will get away with it.

    When you are repeating the situations like that it is causes lack of trust from your parents...you need to think that they are out for your well being. The hitting is not good and I think you need to sit down and ask him why he thinks it will work for you? Tell him that you just need for him to tell you why things are so wrong in what you do. You should know better then that. It is dangerous and you can end up killed. What would you do as a parent? I will be worried sick when I become a mother...

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