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Creationists, what facts from the physical world, if any, contradict the theory of species evolution?

Evolution is the idea that all living species evolved from earlier species, going back to the primordial soup where life began. Evolution doesn't discuss how life began, but only how it developed.

Can creationists give any facts from the physical world (which doesn't mean Biblical opinions) to contradict this theory - or not? So far, I haven't seen any.

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A few people suggested that evolution violates the 2nd law of thermodynamics, which says that entropy (randomness) always increases. But this increase in entropy applies only to a closed system. Evolution took place with energy from the sun. That energy came from mass (ah - the old E=MC2 trick.) Since energy is a much more random state than matter, the total amount of entropy has indeed increased throughout the system.

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    LOL!! Atheist IGNORE dinosaurus and homo sapien man tracks.

    Atheist IGNORE the fossil pillar. It is FLAWED.

    Atheist ignore the fact the GRAND CANYON was FLOODED.

    Atheist ignore the fact that a jar of goo (peanut butter) will NOT make a man or a computer if you leavve it on the shelf, even for 6000 years. Neither will mud. Not without Creator.

    Need I go on?

    Atheist ignore a fossilized cowboy foot in a boot.

    Yet they have 'faith' in fossils to tell them there atheistic 'facts' (faith).

    Athiest just repeat what they read.

    Creation has nothing to prove. It happened as it said in the Bible. Faith doesn't need PROOF. Luckily The Bible has NEVER been proved wrong by science or athiest or heretic.

    Need I go on?

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    I wish I had the source for this, but it was a school textbook (probably not even high school), and I don't have it anymore. But they pointed out that if evolution occurred as the theory states, then we would expect one form of life (say, man) to be more closely related in the DNA to the form from which it evolved. That makes sense, and it is not hard to test scientifically.

    The truth is, however, that DNA shows random links. Like snake venom is related to something other than what we would expect, or mice are more closely related to some form that even an evolutionist would have a hard time relating evolutionally. Does this make sense? I wish I could remember the life forms they listed (but that was more than 10 years ago, so give me a break, okay?), but the concept stuck.

    Now, in some cases this is true. In other cases, it is not. I found two articles that you might want to read.

    Let's put it this way: If I showed you my brand new Mercedes in the driveway (I don't have one, but for the sake of argument...), and you said, "Wow! How could you afford such a nice car!" Well, suppose I told you, "Oh, I didn't buy it. I just went down and blew up the landfill, and all the parts for the car just fell together in the fallout, and the key landed right next to my feet. It was sooooo cool!" You would wonder what mental hospital I had escaped from and might even be kind enough to take me back to it!

    Yet that's what evolution says. If we blow up enough landfills, eventually SOMETHING usefil will be created. Sure, the odds are great, but someday we'll hit gold.

    It's so much easier to believe in intelligent design, even if you don't believe in God the way I do, than to believe in a mathematical impossibility.

    Of course, if there's no God, there's no sin, which means you can do whatever you feel like. That's part of the big appeal of atheism.

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    All right I did research before jumping into this one.

    The second law of thermodynamics does not contradict evolution.

    It states that entropy increases over time, but it never states energy is non transferable. So energy can be received from the sun and used to feed, and the nutrients from that food, can help a species evolve.

    Now if anything, thermodynamics does lead that something created this energy or began the clock and some people say big bang and some people say god created the big bang.

    There are even scientists who believe that there are infinite universes, with infinite laws of physics.

    Now where my question comes in is that where do these laws come from.

    Now some people say God, but god is a being, and all beings have follow the law of beginning, even infinite beings begin.

    So if intelligent design created what is now physical; what created the intelligent designer? And where did the tools come from?

    Now God itself is an argument of the first law of thermodynamics, you can't get something from nothing.

    Where did God come from?

    Source(s): I didn't talk about the third law, because the third law only states the absolute bottom or lowest temperature the universe can reach. I don't find the use of that, other than it creates a limitation upon possible and contradicts God.
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    It's amusing, but I'm not sure I get the point. Are you arguing that creation by the power of the God of Abraham is a scientific theory, and evolution is a matter of faith? That seems unlikely. I suspect you are trying to demonstrate the weakness of the notion that evolution is a theory with evidence, while creation by the God of Abraham is a matter of faith, but I'm not sure. Evolution can be demonstrated in a lab (the fruit fly experiments don't even take long, and they are cheap to do!), but you can never prove that we are the product of evolution leading to us as a separate species. We weren't there, and we can't run a controlled experiment to replicate the evolution of man. For those reasons evolution will remain a theory, but an immensely powerful theory that explains a huge amount of data, that can be used to make predictions that mostly turn out to be correct, and still has never been disproved in over a century, with many people trying very hard to do so. Since evolution is truly a scientific theory, it CAN be proven false, but nobody has ever succeeded in doing so. Note that specific conjectures related to evolution - that evolution and genetics cause or explain criminal behavior, for example, may get proved false on occasion (after all, evolution doesn't explain everything) but overall the theory of evolution has stood the test of time quite well. Creation by God, on the other hand, can't be proven false. At least I'm unable to imagine a way to prove that God didn't create the universe. Like all matters related to God, it's a matter of faith. Note that I have an abiding faith in Christ, that I believe I am saved only by the grace of God in the Holy Trinity. I see no conflict between that, a matter of faith, and the theory of evolution. Modern cosmology also doesn't give me any problems. I can accept that God created the universe 15 billion years ago via the big bang, and that the human species arose around 150,000 years ago. I don't believe God would create a universe with fake evidence, lies are usually associated with the devil, not God. Genesis, with it's universe created from a void, and changing in successive stages to become more and more like what we observe now, with complex life forms arriving later after the creation of the heavens and the Earth, seems like an amazingly accurate and sophisticated version of what we now theorize to be the best explanation of the world as we detect it using the senses and abilities that God gave us. It's hard to imagine a better way to describe to people thousands of years ago how the universe came to be, since concepts like singularities, inflation, matter and energy equivalence, and billions of years were not available. My faith can easily withstand the challenges of scientific truth, the parts I struggle with and pray over are things like the existence of evil and suffering.

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    I am not a Creationist, even though I believe that the universe was created by a Creator. All the evidence I have indicates that humans could not have evolved from other species, but that evidence is entirely cultural. Even though it is not physical evidence it is evidence from the physical world. Humans are the only species whose young are still born not knowing how to react to external stimuli. Every other species instinctively knows what its diet should be and what kind of lodgings it should occupy. If humans had evolved from one of those species there is no logical reason why we should have lost that knowledge when a similar loss never occurred before in all of pre-human history.

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    The theory of evolution is just that, a theory.

    There is no proof that evolution is how life got started here or how life has changed over the long term.

    I know how life got started here, and I know our Creator.

    I have no doubts, only a complete assurance of the story, and also of the end of the story that leads to an incredible beginning that no one can imagine.

    I'll look around sometime for the facts that you wish for, but right now I'm at work and don't have the time. But I can tell you this, you were created by God, just as all of us were, just like this world was. God was not created by anyone or anything, and the laws that we know and understand by our human standards have nothing to do with what He is capable of.

    Faith cannot be given to you by facts or by others, your belief and faith has to be obtained for yourself.

    All we can do is share with you what we know.

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    How about DNA

    How about the law of thermodynamics (energy decreases)

    it does not increase (or evolve)

    If the earth were 1 billion years old the oceans would be so full of salt no life could live in them.

    It is estimated that 50,000 genetic mutations would be req'd in order for a species to "evolve" into something else and yet the fossil record does not show a 1.

    There are NO species in transition AT ALL. Nothing is evolving as we speak, NOTHING.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you "believe" in evolution, you believe a LIE.

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    Technically, Evolution is the Theory that allele frequency changes over time.

    Common Descent is the idea that all living species evolved from earlier species.

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    Here is one for you that should appeal to everyone's common sense; in your physics book, please look up "the law of enthropy" which sais things MUST get more random and disorganized over time. The opposite of this is advocated by the idea of evolution, but that requires us to negate our understanding of physics.

    On a more spiritual level I can point to evidence available to anyone willing to follow around some charismatic Christian missionaries. Physical healing takes place today (I have witnessed one personally)... would witnessing one of these events help you see that we are more then physical creatures? I mean seeing a broken leg heal in front of your eyes, or a tumor fall off is something that does not naturally happen... it does however with prayer in the name of Jesus who is Christ.

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    i think you said it your intro. evolution cannot explain how any creature came into being. since it cannot do so, i will not accept evolution as a good counter theory to creation. from a philosophical standpoint, one runs into the infinite regress problem. if a creature exists, it had to have been born. for that to happen, something in it's species had to exist; but it came from something. you can go back an infinite number of times. secondly, i can take the determinist theory that everything has a cause; this is includes a first cause. evolution cannot solve this problem.

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    Observation indicates that animals or objects with enough time deteriorate downwards rather than evolve upwards, i.e. people get old, cars rust. True an animal may adapt to it's environment like an insect changing it's colorization but a bug will not change to an ape.

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