Fluid, Flow, and continuity?

To fill a child's inflatable wading pool, you use a garden hose with a radius of 2 cm. Water flows from this hose with a speed of 1.7 m/s. How long will it take to fill the pool to a depth of 15 cm if it is circular and has a radius of 1 m?

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    Area = pi r^2

    Area = 31416 cm^2

    Volume = Area x depth(15cm) = 471,239cm^3


    Volumetric flow rate = Area x velocity

    Volumetric flow rate = 12.566 cm^2 (170 cm/s)

    Vfr = 2136.28 cm^3/s

    time = Volume of pool / Volumetric flow rate of hose

    time = 471,239cm^3 / 2136.28 cm^3/s

    time = 220.6 seconds


    ~3 minutes, 40 seconds

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