Shrub in Indiana Jones car?

Since Shrub will be driving with the Indiana Jones theme car, going up to 200mph, how many Darlington Stripes do you think he'll get? and how many will he cause?

Go Jr.>>>>
Update: OK Tbone, no argument from me. I am just thinking he's gonna be out for vengence this week. At 200mph there could be a lot of "fallout". I am not saying he'll be the only one either, just stirring things up with the enemy camp, I guess.
Update 2: NASCAR Drama...your name seems to suit you. Unlike you, I am not making accusations, and you don't have to be rude about it. I just asked a inferred more in to it than was intended.
Update 3: Whoa, Kathleen! Maybe you should just back up a minute and think about it, then get over it.
Update 4: Lynn, Audrey, eddie...I second those remarks!

tom: ding-ding-ding! you are so correct!
Update 5: Just to clarify: I an not ashamed of myself, I am also not wishing anyone to wreck...I am just speculating.
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