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Chichen Itza from cancun what else on the same day?

I am planning to rent a car to go to chichen itza from Cancun. What else should I visit on the same day to make the most out of my day. I will be in cancun for a short period of time and want to see as much as I can


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    Dzitnup Cenote near Valladolid

    Ek Balam Ruins North of Valladolid (Highly recommend this if you want to see ruins, awesome stucco at this site)

    Cenote Ik-Kil near Chichen Itza

    Balancanche Caves near Chichen Itza

    Perhaps a little far but maybe the colonial city of Itzamal, called the city of three cultures.

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    Chichen Itza can take up a full day. However, if you want to add other things, there are two options that come to mind.

    You can do most of a day of Mayan ruins by heading down the beach to Tulum (preferably at sunrise) and seeing the ruins there, then cutting across the peninsula and visiting Coba, which is being unearthed now. Problem with this is that Tulum and Coba are a full day together - and the buildings in Coba are separated by big distances, like a kilometer or so.

    Second option, and the one I like best, is to stop in Valladolid on the way to or from Chichen Itza. From might be best, because there is some fabulous eating in Valladolid. El Meson des Marques, a restauarant and hotel on the main square has wonderful food, some of the best I've had in Mexico, and it is Yucatanean specialties, not standard mexican food. I thought it was great. Add to that a Cenote to visit, an interesting church and Zocalo, or main square, and it's a lovely little city to visit.

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    Greetings from Cancun!

    Last week I re-visited Chichen Itza and it is truly awe inspiring every time I go!

    I did take the bus tour and stayed for the Light and Sound show (which is only available on Wednesday.) Because the light show doesn't start until after dark it makes for a long day.

    The tour includes transportation on a modern air conditioned bus to and from Chichen Itza with one rest stop. A local expert guide (I had Poncho). The guide tours you and tells you what you are have free time to explore and take pictures after. There are Maya vendors selling their wares along the pathway.

    The tour I went on was with a local company (attached)

    I purchased the upgrade which includes water, cocktails and a great buffet dinner at the Mayaland Hotel. You can swim at the hotel and they have towel service.

    We were offered transportation to a cenote. The cenote is on private land so there was a small fee. We were returned to the hotel in time for dinner and a great show of traditional dancers.

    If you opt to drive the roads are good. It is a toll road and it is costly but you will have time to go to Valladolid or Ek-Balam.

    What ever you decide to do...have a great time!

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    You actually need a whole day for the trip.. From Cancun TO the Chichen Itza it takes about 2 hours, and seeing everything there take a while.. So Try to enjoy what u can..

    Take care..

    Bcn_mimosa from Barcelona, Spain

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    Valladolid is a nice looking town, but there really isn't too much to do there. You can visit the main square to take pictures of the picturesque church, drive around a bit, stop at a restaurant and grab a bit, but that's really about it. The Cenote to see and swim in is Ik-Kil, in my humble opinion, it's much nicer than the other one mentioned. I suggest you visit the ruin site first, then visit the Cenote for a cool down swim. I would recommend doing this instead of staying for the night time light show they present on the ruins. I went to this and almost fell asleep it was such a long and tiring day. In this way, you can get back to Cancun early enough to take a shower, have a light snack and go out to the Party Center for some real light shows at the clubs.

    Have fun planning your day trip,


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    You need two days to know the whole Chichen Itza.

    Ask your hotel or the car rental about the Cenotes in your way to Chichen Itza.

    Cenotes are underground caves where you can go down and snorkel and swim. It is out this world.

    Do not forget about going to Xcaret National Park, 45 minutes south of Cancun and swim with their dolphins. It is the most spectacular place of the whole Mayan Riviera.

    Best luck.

    Enjoy it.

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    chichen itza was very nice, and if you ha ve time there is alot to will take a few hours just for that..there is like 2 miles of ruinbs in that one spot! check out the local life..small towns are nice to people watch in..have a beer or coffee or something and sit for a while and enjoy life as a temporary local!!

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    What is there to say? Too many right answers for a long time Mexico traveler to add anything. The only addition would be get out of Cancun quickly.

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    Go for a swim at Cenote Dzitnup. Read the link below.

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    you should take a bus its much more cheaper and some tours include lunch and visitin xenotes which is like an underground freshwater natural pool super cool... chichen can be exhausting!

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