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Can anyone tell me please, where did TRD get the pushrod V-8?

Chevy Ford and Dodge had at least some variant of the engines they run now, I know they move the lifter angle around to suit them. But all had their basis in a mass produced V-8. Where is Toyotas?


as a follow up I know G.M. Ford and Dodge have perfectly good cammer motors why not just run them? or their old long block big head aluninum race motors cut down to 366 cid? They gave Toyota a longer block which=bigger heads

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    Nascar gave toyota access to the current Ford, Chevy and Dodge engines. Toyota copied the best parts. No part of the Toyota engine was designed or developed in Japan. American racing engineers at TRD copied and developed the engine.

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    I'm not certain about the aluminum but I know that just shrinking things wont work, it's been tried, the previous goal was 5.0 and there were all kind of valve interference problems, with a 5.9? I doubt it the piston dome tolerances are so tight and notching the block would lead to dependability problems. Bobby Allison tested the no Hemi in a wing car rule but he did it with a Kieth Black built Trans-Am small block much like they run now and almost won the race.

    I agree with the guy that said that they should have made at least a limited run of trucks anyway to homolagate the engine,

    and have a record on the board of this is what we build and modify it from there, not this skunk works engine of the year program they have in place now.

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    From the same place that the current Chevy Impala and the Ford Fusion get their rear wheel drive parts.

    I have never seen a Rear Wheel Drive Ford Fusion in my life?

    If we want cars based on more "realism", (which I wouldn't mind to some point) we should have a '70's Chevy Impala.

    Slightly different subject, I've been laughing at the Ford n Chevy NHRA Funny Cars, with their "Hemis", (and I'm a GM fan!)

    Do we want realism?

    All we'd see right now, is a LOT of Dodge Chargers in NA$CAR, NHRA !

    I'm not a Toy fan, but if we're gonna make them build a mass produced push rod V-8, why not make GM n Ford build a mass produced real wheel drive Impala n Fusion?

    Actually, I'd like to see another '69 Chevy Malibu $$ / Pontiac GTO, with a current Vette drivetrain !

    Or a '66 Fairlaine / Mercury Comet Cyclone GT with a "Stang 'Train?

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    I don't think DOHC and all that jazz will fit in Nascar when 3 other brands do it in such a similar way. I agree it should be mass produced though with a minimum of at least 500.

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    Here's the cool part: Toyota researched all the winningest engines of the last several years, compiled all the data from that research, and used it to develop their own pushrod V8 from scratch. It's possibly the most advanced stone-ax engine out there.

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    all those engine blocks are so close in specs. they're practically clones. TRD takes a blueprint and makes their own clone within the specifications set by NASCAR regulations. The farther you get away from certain components the more you can use your own technology for performance gains.

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    there using chevy motors

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    They stole it.

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