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Richard III Nightmare?

Thursday Afternoon brings something I am dreading greatly. Something in the form of KS3 S.A.T.S Shakespeare Paper, Richard III. Something I can gurantee I will fail.

I know you can't fail S.A.T.S, but I will fail in myself. I am a bit of a perfectionist, and I am worried.

Our English teacher left months ago. We have read 2 scenes of the play, and the teachers have shunted it away because ''it is only 18 marks''. 18 marks would mean a lot to me, because I struggle with English S.A.T.S.

The set scences are Act 1 Scene 2 and Act 4 Scene 4. I know this, and barely anything else. People I know in other classes with other teachers know the book cover to cover. I barely know what the play is about.

What will the question be like? What sort opf theme run through the question? How long does my answer need to be? How do I start/finish? How do I write it?

Please don't just send me to Samlearning or BBC Bitesize. I really need a straight, simple answer.

I will be erally grateful




I would give 3 million points, I really would, for an answer that will help me for Thursday.

Update 2:

Thanks Cheryl ! I do not the basic outline of the play, however I was worried I didn't really know it well enough. I was worried because I am predicted a high level 7.

Update 3:

Thankyou too Sista G! Yuo are giving me confidence! Good luck to you two as well.

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    Hey, I am doing the Richard III.

    I'm really suprised that you haven't done it yet!

    You can expect a question on themes:

    e.g. How does Shakespeare present the theme of deception? (lies)

    and for your point you could say 'Shakespeare presents deception by Richard's flattery' quote and then explanation is only a few lines.

    To ensure you get quite close to 18 out of 18 its safer to write 6-7 paragraphs :) 1 point for point,1 point for quote and then up to 3 points for your explanation. In your explanation answer the question and say how it shows deception. Show your knowledge of Richard III. Say you know he is lying because earlier in the play he killed Anne's father in law with his brothers. Then pick a word or phrase from your quote e.g. say your quote was "you curse me madam" you could say 'curse' is used to evoke fear. Then mention the audience. How does the audience feel? Shocked at Richard? Worried that Anne will believe him? Disgusted? And say why as well,why they feel this way.

    Another type of question you could expect is:

    How is Richard shown to be powerful?

    You just talk about how he manipulates Anne and Elizabeth, and how he manages to get Anne to succumb to him even though he just killed her husband and father-in-law.

    I know you said don't mention bitesize, but before I wasn't sure on Richard III and I read the summaries and understood it very well. You kind of need to read a synopsis of the play so you understand what was going on before your key scenes that way you can keep linking back to previous scenes to show knowledge of text and you can make points that relate to them.

    A directorial question came up last year so 99% likely it won't come up tomorrow. Don't worry you will be fine. The writing and reading you didn't need to revise/be taught for anyway. For the shakespeare paper its essential to revise. Although one girl last year in my school didn't pick up her pen for the Shakespeare paper and still managed to get a level 7 because she done well in her reading & writing :)

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    oh dear - please calm down. u really should not compare urself to other people. i am doing richard the third and u need to say stuff like why he does it and quote.

    if this was gcse, this is understandable but with Sats, it really doesnt matter. u sound like a very clever person, i am sure u will do fine

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