Another Question about the Tax Rebate Check... I filed with H&R Direct Deposit...?

Okay so my social security ends in 93 so I know it will be a while till I see anything, but should I be checking my bank accounts? I filed with H&R and I did chose the Direct Deposit option so does that mean the IRS has my information? Also, has anyone with there Social ending in the 90's get there tax rebate. I did get that letter in the mail saying that I was eligible. If you got your check, how much did you get?

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    Check the ACH notation for the direct deposit for your 2007 refund. If it says: "US TREASURY 220 TAX REFUND PPD ID" or something very, very similar, then your refund came directly from the IRS and did not detour through a preparer's bank account. This means you would be eligible for a direct deposit of your rebate check.

    We didn't receive the maximum of $600 each. But NOT because we made "too much money". It was because we didn't have that much in tax liability in 2007. I guess some people are upset they didn't have to pay a bit amount in taxes last year so they could get a larger rebate. I'm happy to have paid less in taxes for last year and got a smaller rebate.

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    Sadly you, like I, will have to wait to get a paper check:(

    this is what the IRS website states....

    If filing or preparation fees were deducted from your 2007 Refund OR you received a rapid refund, you will be receiving a check instead of a direct deposit.

    So pretty much, if anyone had their taxes done by a professional is screwed!!!! I sure hate it, I was using that money to have a beach wedding. Now I get to call everyone and cancel:(

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    Direct deposit of refund does not mean direct deposit of stimulus payment.

    If you used a tax service or tax program and paid your fee with your anticipated refund or got a RAL, a 3rd party bank was involved and the IRS does not have your bank information so they will mail your stimulus check.

    On the IRS website it also says to please allow 2 weeks from what is says on the schedule.

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    Your payment will be deposited to your account on May 16,.

    If your refund was deposited to your bank account, the stimulus payment will also go there.

    No one with a SS# in the 90's has received anything, and if you are single, you will probably get $300.

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    If you did HRblock,Turbo tax or any tax service and had he prep fees deducted out of your refund then yes u will get a PAPER check.It has nothing to do with what compnay you went through, just the way you paid for your prep fees because if you opted to have it taken out of your refund then it went to a third party bank....and being that your digits are so high you will be one of the last. anyways.

    I filed Turbo tax but it was free fed automactially and state was also free because I live in the state of Michigan so I didnt have aynthing deducted out of my refund and My refund was direct deposited via US TREASURY not SANTA BARBARA BANK or anywhere I will get my stimulus DD Friday.

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    i should have gotten my $ deposited last week but because i had the filing fees deducted from my refund, i'll have to wait until mid-may/june to get the money.

    i'm getting $900. it should have been $1200 but apparently being a single mom with 2 qualifying children making just under 30K/year and paying 10K/year for childcare is making too much the math and tell me how that works....DAMN THE MAN!!!!

    Source(s): called the IRS
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    it depends on where your DD came from, i also filed w/ H&R block and no fee's were taken from my refund. so i fully expect my DD on the 9th. i wouldn't bother checking until like next Tuesday if i were you. If you had H&r take fee's out you will get a paper check later.

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    If you had your filing fees deducted from your refund, you will get a paper check.

    If you paid the fees by some other method, you should get DD.

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