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REd Tail Boa won't eat?

He about 5 and a half feet long, i've tried dead and a live rats, what should I do?

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    hi there

    first off the JJ that said a ball python can go without food for 2 yrs is BS.... a yr tops then it's will die... i have not had any probems with our snakes other them going about a couple months or so.. and they would start eatting even a small meal is better then nothing ...

    temps & humidity- if the humidity and temps are not right some will stop eating...

    breeding- (males will go off feeding at breeding age fine out if it's breeding season in your area for them .. ours have been breeding for 2 months now and our male still won't eat.. )...

    try a smaller meal ... we had to do this several times with out 8 footer .. during breeding season....

    unless he is getting thin i wouldn't worry...most likely it's in breeding mode even if u don't have a female they still go through it ....

    hope this helps....(last resort bring him in a reptile vet or breeder to get them to force feed but this is a last resort when ur snake starts loosing weight)

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    A good trick that works for many stubborn boids is this. Take a dead thawed prey item(correct size), put it and the snake in a tied pillow case overnight. Nine times out of ten in the morning the prey is gone. Good luck. If this doesn't work consider going to a vet for a B12 shot to stimulate it's appetite.

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    how is the humidity and the temp in the tank? i would check them and be sure that its humid, and make sure that he has a basking spot of 90, and a cooler side in his enclosure. another thing you can try is different colors. mine was picky!! if it was not the right color, or size, she wouldnt eat it. stick to whatever he has been on, so if he was on live, keep him on live for now. my ball didnt eat for 3 months when we got her, and sorry, but a snake would die if it didnt eat for 2 years! i know several ppl that have years of experience, and even vets, and they have all told me a year, tops, and then it would die. they can go months and months without eating, and even sense the weather changes. (winter from summer) mine ate more in the summer then winter. i would just check the temps, and try to feed him in a day or 2, if that does not work, try a different color, and if that dont work, i would try once a week, until he eats, or you notice that hes getting lethargic, and not acting like him self. good luck, i hope this helps!

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    I kept snakes for years and so did a friend of mine. In fact, my friend had a Ball Python that simply refused to eat for TWO YEARS and then one day just started eating again like nothing had happened. He never found out the reason, but he suspected that he may have had the heater set just a little too low so the animals metabolism was shutting down and sending him into a kind of metabolic hibernation. That is only a theory however. Try increasing the temperature of his enclosure by one degree for a week and see if he eats. If not, try one more degree. If that doesn't work, consider a vet.

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    This is normal. Boas go through a time where they will not eat. Just keep trying once a week. He will take it sooner or later

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    What are your temperatures?

    What's the humidity level?

    Did you just introduce a new environment?

    Are you changing his light cycles properly?

    Do you have him checked for parasites, etc.?

    You're missing a lot of details.

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