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Why are employers stupid enough to employ men at they can get away with paying women less?

I mean why bother? There is not point in paying men extra money if it will not benefit the business, when they can get a woman in the same job with the same productivity and reliabiality. Obviously they would just fire all men and employ women at a cheaper cost, getting the job done but with greater profit thereby.

This is another reason why the argument that employers deliberately pay women less is illogical.


Why are employers stupid enough to employer men *WHEN* they can get away with paying women less

Update 2:

michael g- you are right. It's a shame that the women here lack the logic the grasp those points you mentioned about why women earn less on average.

Update 3:

Enigma- Just read Why Men Earn More by Warren Farrell: see

How anyone expects women to earn as much as men on average when women have babies, work significantly less hours, work lower-paid jobs, etc. is beyond me.

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    Why, it's part of a centuries long conspiracy to sacrifice company and shareholder profits to maintain the unreasonably high pay for the members of the "good ol' boys club", every feminist knows that.

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    Those 70 cents to the dollar statistics are womens pay to mens pay overall averaged across all industries. Thats not to say there are not some companies that may pay women less for the exact same job these places are obviously wrong in doing so, but overall the numbers for women's salaries are lower because of the types of jobs they hold, the number of hours they work, taking leaves of absenses etc. You cant fault a company that pays a woman less because she has a 2 years less experience than the man since she left for child birth etc.

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    A company that is run by an individual that believes it is ok to pay women less than men will also believe that women cannot be in leadership roles in their company. They will be the kind of person I have dealt with in my position that dont respect a womans opinion. They will be the kind of person who doesnt believe facts unless a man presents them. I think there are very few people out there who deliberately set out to pay women less. They just tend to give men more raises and promotions for the same or less work.

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    This is an infantile argument that gets posted almost as often as the tiresome "Feminists on the Titanic" rant.

    You do, realize, that it's illegal to openly state that you plan to pay women less than men? It doesn't mean it doesn't happen. We know it happens: Walmart and Home Depot being two examples.

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    Women take maternity leave. Take time off for sick children .

    Have to go to deal with children and scholl issues. B#@ch alot . Cant seperate emotions from buisness decisions . Emotions have no place in the buisness world. Get a office full of only women and the internal little " clicks " they form and gossiping slows down production.

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    You'd have to take a poll, but your rhetoric does nothing to change the fact that women are paid at about 70 percent the rate men are for the same job. Can't get around that one, and as to the individual employers, again, you'd have to ask them personally.

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    Perhaps these employers know something that 'you do not know'.

    As the saying goes, "When all about you lose their heads, BEWARE, maybe they know something you do not''.

    ( there is a wisdom in Ancient knowledge and practices )


  • Employer: I'd like to offer the two of you positions in our company. You will be working side by side, performing the same duties. You will be paid at the rate of $10 per hour.

    Woman: SOLD!

    Man: Actually, could you make it $11.50?

    Employer: SOLD!

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    If they only employed women, that would also be gender based discrimination against men, which is also illegal.

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    The first poster is not using her brain cells.

    Its obvious that men get more money because they have more to offer. Otherwise, employeers would just hire women to save money.. HELLOOOO!!! Is anyone home?? Knock, knock....

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