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(+20)商業信 - 要點寫先正確呢?


You are Jenny Chow, Secretary of Hong Kong Trading Ltd. Read the note below from your boss, Mr. Raymond Wong, and write your fax as instructed.


03 Jan 07

Jenny, I got a leaflet faxed from Ms Susan Lee of YMCA yesterday. Their English courses look good. I talked to Ms Lee on the phone this morning, and she told me they are able to organize courses for us in any one of their outside centres. I have chosen two courses. Please write a fax to her. We can start in early March and end in May or June. We need the maps of their outside centres to choose a suitable centre.

See if possible for me to meet her(or a representative from her centre)

next week to discuss details. ( I am available on Friday morning) (suggest the bring detailed course content and maps of YMCA centres for discussion)

We also need details about:

- course fee(discount?) per student?

- class size?

- payment method?

- teacher qualifications?

- entrance test/ exit test?

- attendance requirement? ( if yes, percent?)

- duration of course?

English Courses:

1. Telephoning Skills ( first choice)

2. Business Writing Skills ( second choice)


唔該晒~ 這是我測驗可能會測到的類型.. 請用一些好點字眼和正確的格式.... 唔該晒你地....

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    For the kind attention of Miss Susan Lee

    Re : English Courses Organized by YMCA

    Dear Miss Lee,

    I am writing on behalf of Mr. Raymond Wong as a follow up on your discussion with him on your discussion on the phone this morning. From the leaflet you sent us and your introduction to Mr. Wong, we understand YMCA can help us to organize English courses for our staff in one of your outside centres.

    Mr. Wong is very interested in arranging the following two English courses for the staff in our Company :

    1. Telephoning Skills (first choice)

    2. Business Writing Skills (second choice)

    Before we pursue further Mr. Wong would like to have a meeting with you or a representative from your centre to discuss the arrangement in details. Since Mr. Wong will be occupied this week until next Thursday, we would like to know if the meeting can be held on Friday morning at 10 a .m. Please let me know if this schedule is workable for you.

    For the meeting Mr. Wong would like to discuss with you on the following matters :

    A. Course duration and venue :

    a. We are planning to have the courses start early March and end in May or June. Please advise the feasibility to us during the meeting.

    b. Since the courses will take place in one of your centres, we would like to have a map for the meeting so we can choose a suitable centre.

    B. Course Content and Details :

    a. Please bring with you the course content for the above mentioned two courses for our study.

    b. We would also like to know the qualifications of the teachers for the courses. It would be best if you can arrange some information to us for our reference.

    2008-05-08 04:29:29 補充:

    c. Please advise the following for our considerations :

    - Optimal size of each class.

    - Duration of class. In addition, we may want to consider having our staff take both courses in one evening. Please advise feasibility.

    2008-05-08 04:29:58 補充:

    - If there is any entrance test for each course.

    - If there is any qualification test at the end of the course.

    - Is there any requirement for attendance. If so, please advise the percentage.

    - We would also like to know the duration of each course.

    2008-05-08 04:30:22 補充:

    C. Fee and charges :

    - Please advise course fee per student.

    - Since we will arrange a course exclusively for our staff, we would like to know if there is any corporate discount we can enjoy for our consideration.

    2008-05-08 04:30:52 補充:

    - Please advise what kind of payment term for the courses we are interested in.

    Please kindly revert to us at your earliest convenience.

    Thanks and Best Regards


    Jenny Chow


    2008-05-08 04:31:22 補充:

    This is a fax so no need to write it in letter format. But the wordings and fax format has to be formal due to its nature.

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