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KingMax USB Flash Disk ...

I have forget my password for my flash disk(kingmax super disk), is there

have any cracking applications can help me to open my flash disk again,

or how can i copy my files to another devices.

thanks, if you know, please tell me

thanks again...


I don't it is U3 or not..

I have seen SanDisk USB Drive with U3 software before, but in Kingmax it is not similar, it just have an application use for cut the drive to two partitions and one of them has password for protect it. i have forget this password. is it same as U3 software.

Update 2:

KingMax application(download form):

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    I think that you are using a flash disk with U3 software. You may try to open it in Mac OS or LINUX OS.

    The U3 program is made to work with Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 and above. No Launchpad program exists for the Mac OS or Linux platforms.

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