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【世界地球日】不再漠視全球暖化 從自身做起






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    The United Nations: It causes melting globally and warmly to aggravate that the Arctic ice sheet is melted

    The United Nations announces the report warns, are up to 12% of the Arctic pack to melt for water in the past 30 years, this alert news further makes global and melts warmly and accelerates. Select the report of ' global ice and snow prospect 39; that is announced shortly before World Environment Day according to the United Nations, Arctic ice sheet shrinks by 6% to seven in winter during this section the past, summer melt ten percent to 12%.

    According to this report that environmental program administration of the United Nations announced, between 30 and 40 in the past, the ice sheet shrinks by 7% to ten during three, April in the Arctic covered by the ice and snow.

    Researchers say, the ice and snow melts not only melt on the influence caused globally and warmly, accelerate the warm factor that melts too. 39; the life style of 6,500 million people in the world is based on a particular fact. This fact is changing, the pace should be fast than expected far. Melt warmly and accelerate making us more difficult to predict future development too.

    May have dissolved 2080 years ago in the ice field of the Arctic Ocean

    European scientist say the warm influence that take global, by two 0 eight 0 years, the ice field of the Arctic Ocean may be all melted.

    The scientist points out, if the development of the situation predicts like physics, the ice field of period of full bloom of the Arctic Ocean, would die out 2080 years ago.

    At present, Arctic range of icecap vary with every four seasons too, or frozen once again melt sometimes. Within future decades, perhaps there is no ice formation of permanent knot again. It may be larger to influence than the Arctic Ocean in one39 power.

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    Climate changes not only threaten the living environment of the polar bear but also influenced the whole food chain change, will influence the fish eaten on our dining table finally.

    [Earth Day of the world ] No longer ignore and melt globally and warmly Start from oneself

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    Gal, former vice president of U.S.A., in 2006 is by melting to lecture in all parts of the world touringly globally and warmly, strike documentary film of ' the truth unwilling to face ', initiate the people to pay close attention to.

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    It is while paying close attention to the global warm important topic that melts in the whole world, you, are still sitting on the sidelines, ignore its importance?

    In April 22 ' Earth Day such as world '.

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    On of every year, are worth ourselves' thinking the earth that we depended on supporting the family, how are we?

    Began the 20th century, the petroleum continued and acted wanting the angle of energy supply.

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    Among short 200 years, mankind consuming reaching unprecedented summit to natural resources, excessively burn the result of the fuel of fossil, it is the natural ecology on the earth that pays the painful cost.

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    It has already been an irrefutable fact to melt globally and warmly, the inter-governmental climate changes special committee of the United Nations (IPCC) have

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    already proposed the report verifiesas the disaster of the climatic anomaly from all parts of the world keeps pouring in, if the situations of the greenhouse effects continue worsening, the human survival will receive the great threat.

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