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11. ( ) It is not __________ to wear jeans and a T-shirt in a formal conference. Go back home and change them.

(A. humble B. appear C. appropriate D. appreciate)

12. ( ) Have you ever wondered why crabs walk __________? I thought they walk straight as we people do.

(A. sideways B. sidewall C. sidewalks D. sideswipe)

13. ( ) The most famous author of fables was a man __________ Aesop, who lived in Greece in the sixth century B. C.

(A. calling B. was calling C. was called D. called)

14. ( )When the crow opened her beak, the cheese dropped to the ground and the fox __________. The crow had nothing to eat at all. (A. gave it up B. gobbled it up C. looked it up D. got it up)

15. ( ) I just hope that you understand that __________ is extremely important. (A. being honesty

B. be honesty C. being honest D. be honest)

16. ( )John did not tell his mother the truth about his breaking the window because he was afraid of being __________.

(A. produced B. punished C. published D. prepared)

17. ( ) Let’s move on to the next proposal, __________? (A. shall we B. shall you C. will you D. do we)

18. ( ) I have seen ads and posters everywhere at school and even on the BBS. My friends keep __________ about it.

(A. ask B. to ask C. asks D. asking)

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    11 .C

    12 .A

    13 .D

    14 .B

    15 .C

    16 .B

    17 .A

    18 .D


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    11. C

    12. D

    13. D

    14. B

    15. A

    16. B

    17. A

    18. D

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