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I got question about prince 03 tennis racquet...?

My racquet is broken now so...

I saw prince 03 hybrid orange(?) in store..

It says regular price was 269 something... but it is only 69 It is too good to be truth... I never found orange color(?) in internet.. u think this is fake??


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  • Ziel
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    If it's in an actual store with any sort of reputation at all, it should be real. And the 269 is probably a bit of an over-estimate of the regular price.

    Also, it's common for racquets that were originally $200 to drop to about $70 after they're older. It's very possible that the store was having trouble selling them, and wants to clear the way for the next thing.

    But most of the hybrids are named after previous models by prince (hornet, shark, etc). There was an O3 orange a while back. And the hybrid tour and O3 tour are both orange. Those are the only orange racquets like it that might be on sale that I know of.

    Also, department stores occasionally get their own versions of racquets. Basically, these are other racquets made to be a certain price rather than be to certain specs. They don't have all the technology in them that the "original" has.

  • byrnes
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    Prince O3 White Tennis Racquet

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    the o3 hybrid racquet is an oversized racquet, typically for the transitioning beginner to intermidiate type that needs a little more power...or for the active senior citizen. and trust me, that racquet is not 269. racquets like that average around 50-70, so the sale price is actually more of the average price. And the reason that the o3 orange is not listed on the internet is due to the fact that 1, it isn't very popular, and 2, it really isn't a player's racquet. For recreational purposes, it is a great racquet, but for someone who wants to play for highschool or college or who takes the sport a little more seriously, i'd go for something a little better. Perhaps, the o3 white or tour, since they are discontinued, they are a little more affordable. And if you're willing to pay a little more, even the o3 speedport black, white, tour, or the o3 hybrid tour, or the ozone tour. All excellent racquets, from Prince. But for me, i prefer the o3 white :)

    Source(s): I use an O3 friend has the o3 hybrid orange
  • Anonymous
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    Babolat Pure Drive GT. I'm a dedicated Babolat user because they have top notch quality and performance. So I would like you to know how great it is. The reason I chose the Pure Drive GT is because it's a control racquet made for fast swings. It also has a midplus headsize, which is great for everything. Since you say you hit hard, this one sounded the most logical. The Pure Drive 107 is pure power, meaning you'll get all your shots out. And prince... let's just say that they have the wost quality out of the major tennis brands. Prince racquets break very easily compared to others.

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    It is usually just a attraction price, it's normal price its probably about a hundred dollar. I suggest you to look up

    You can see a lot of good racket on it.

    Hope you enjoy tennis.

    PS: Babolat rackets are good

    Source(s): My tennis life
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