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Why would God want us to be confused?

I try to be a good Christian. I understand there are some things I must just accept on faith. However, it bothers me that there are so many questions that could easily be answered by science, without having to deny God, but Christianity would rather use stories that don't make sense than go with the scientific answers.

Instead of conceding that the universe is likely billions of years old, many Christians want to argue that it is only 6,000 years old. When asked how that fits with scientific evidence to the contrary, they say that God created it to look old. Well, why? I mean, why confuse us? Why would He want to leave us with so many questions? Wouldn't it be more reasonable to assume that science is correct? That wouldn't say God didn't create the earth. It would just mean we were wrong in how long ago He did it. Why do so many people deny the answers that God provides through science, and insist on believing God just didn't want us to know? Which makes more sense to you? That God has equipped humans with the knowledge to use science as a way to find out answers to the questions we have, or that God just wants us all to stay confused?


can notnots in: I trust in God. I trust that everything He did, He did for a reason. Now, He happened to make me a very curious person; somebody who is absolutely incapable of stopping until she's got the answer. He made me incredibly intelligent and passionate about things. I have a hard time believing that God would have made me who I am if He didn't intend me to seek answers. I cannot believe God would give me all this passion for learning and understanding if He only meant for me to sit still and say, "I don't have to know. I only have to trust." Sorry, that's not something I am capable of doing, and I believe God is okay with that.

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    He doesn't want you to be confused.

    You know by what name you are saved, Yes ?

    You trust Him with your Life, Yes ?

    You love Him, Yes ?

    Everything else is just information and study.

    It's all terribly interesting and it fascinates me.

    Oh and by the way, the Universe is very old, compared to us.

    Also, Being saved and trusting in God does not turn off your brain. He gave it to you, use it.

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    That is the wrong question to infer. God created mankind in His own image, and well aware of our passion for knowledge, placed us in an environment that would pique our curiosities and drive our imaginations so that we would expand our minds and never run out of things to explore or question.

    Sometimes we need to think out of the box to find a satisfactory answer to a question that perplexes us. Because we do not recall the mechanics of the creation of the earth, we do not [presently know how it was formed and that has created a division of thought. The people who take a hard stance that the earth is 6000 years old don't know that anymore than others who say it is billions of years old.

    I think they are both correct.

    The universe is full of matter which has existed for billions of years. I believe that God took of that matter, which could easily have been part of another world with other life at some point, and formed the earth from it in the alloted 6000 plus or minus years.

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    The Creative Days—24 Hours Each? A logical explaination!

    Some fundamentalists claim that creationism rather than evolution explains pre-human history. They assert that all physical creation was produced in just six days of 24 hours each sometime between 6,000 and 10,000 years ago. But in doing so, they promote an unscriptural teaching that has caused many to ridicule the Bible.

    Is a day in the Bible always literally 24 hours in length? Genesis 2:4 speaks of “the day that Jehovah God made earth and heaven.” This one day encompasses all six of the creative days of Genesis chapter 1. According to Bible usage, a day is a measured period of time and can be a thousand years or many thousands of years. The Bible’s creative days allow for thousands of years of time each. Further, the earth was already in existence before the creative days began. (Genesis 1:1) On this point, therefore, the Bible account is compatible with true science.—2 Peter 3:8.

    Commenting on claims that the creative days were only 24 literal hours in length, molecular biologist Francis Collins remarks: “Creationism has done more harm to serious notions of belief than anything in modern history.”

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    God is very pleased with anyone who uses his or her mind to seek the truth (even the way we came into being as a universe)--I am a Christian, but not a scientist. I do not let my heart be troubled by theories or even proven facts about creation or anything! I am just glad that God made me the way I am just like you are-even if we are very different-- that is OK! What counts is that you recognize the Creator of the Universe for the Holy God that He is and not worry if it was this way or that way to other people who may not be as curious or passionate about these things. I get aggravated with the "closed-mindedness" of my brothers and sisters in Christ, but I try to stay humble enough to know that God knows our hearts and minds about each other and futile debates bring worthless strife, jealousies, and every evil work in the end. Many scientists have had a strong faith in God, but not all, and

    our Creator still created them with a gifted mind and loved them just as much as the devout preacher who always tries to humiliate and alienate the educated or scientific community. The truth is being yourself can be with its rewards and suffering along the way... what counts is that you have integrity with yourself and your planet and its inhabitants great or small, rich, or poor, male or female, intelligent, or unlearned and be willing and seeking better ways to help us live and thrive instead of worrying about our differences in thought about creation.. The Bible does speak of many events in history, and I am certain that God will unlock even scriptures that are recited and preached upon in a way that we can stop judging each other and pursue excellence and worship the Creator for all of HIs workmanship is good, and very good! God is not the author of confusion, but our fallen state as sinful mankind often has "flaws and imperfections"... and I am amazed by scientific breakthroughs and grateful for them, as some of them have been a part of how God has spared my life! God Bless you and just be yourself and ask God to show you what He wants you to know, and keep on knocking and the right door will eventually open to let you see He is for you, and not against you! Sadly, some Christians and other religions fear science and do not attribute God's delight in working through a physician, scientist, or mathematician to bring good to us humans. However, science and math has done some harm and great harm in some cases, and each man or woman must be giving an account for their minds and what they did or did not do with it!

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    This is what concerns me about religion.

    A couple of your answerers are saying that the age of the universe is not important. They are missing your point.

    First, the facts imply that the Christian god is either sneaky or deceptive, or the Bible is dead wrong. Regardless of how old the universe is, one would want to know the truth of things.

    Second, when people are willing to believe that which completely contradicts established science, what else will they be willing to believe? In particular, moral maxims often cannot even have the force of scientific fact opposing them. If a fundamentalist will believe "The earth is 6000 years old", why not "All gays should be killed"?

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  • It is the difference between blind faith and true faith. People with blind faith reject everything that challenges their preconceived notions. While people who have true faith accept science and realise that science will only ever get rid of false ideas of God and lead us to a better understanding of God.

    That is why those with true faith believe that we must use our brains to help others and ourselves. For this is why God made the world rather than just put us in Heaven. So God wants us to clear all our doubts and seek answers. Only when we have finally removed all confusion can we go to God.

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  • Now you have met one that dosen't. This earth is millions of years old. God created the heavens and the earth period. No time frome is giving. Also dinosaurs are spoken of in the book of Job! Science always proves the Bible as fact,for thoise that have eyes to see. God loves you! The only reason that you were created is because God wanted a special unique person like you to love,and be loved by. You are a child of God and if ever you are lost he will seek you out till you are found.

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    At college I studied evolution and I was on a friendly basis with a number of my professors. I came to learn that a number of them were religious (mostly Christian but one was Jewish). I spent a summer at a field station with them and dinner was always family style. One evening the subject of 'creation science' came up and a few of them had actually been at some debates in their time.

    I was curious if any of them felt conflicted about the positions they were taking and the answer was a categorical answer. To them it boiled down to this question "Would God deceive?". The Jewish guy even put it this way "Can God deceive?"

    The conversation went on from there and what I gathered was that the for some of these folks scientific inquiry was a spiritual quest. One guy described it as 'unfolding the mysteries of god's universe.'

    So to answer your question. I think you are dead on. We have the ability to see and understand the universe around us. And in some ways the quest for that understanding can be a spiritual journey.

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    I do believe that a "supreme being" or "God," whatever you want to label it, has equipped humans with the knowledge to use science as a way to find out answers to the questions we have, but the majority of us are very stubborn and insecure, not wanting to break away from what we have been taught or what we have known to be "true."

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    Please point out in the bible that God's goal is to leave us in the dark.

    It concedes that not everyone will understand, but does it state that confusion is the end goal?

    If you are unable to find this passage, please ignore the idiots that say God WANTS us ignorant.

    Humans want to order things, to have answers. When they lack them, they pull them out of their ear (or other handy orifices).

    This “wisdom” is passed down until its considered law- regardless if it’s biblical or not.

    I have my own problems with the organized Christian religion, but I have made this observation. I wonder if you agree:

    Regardless of who tells you what’s what, you are the one ultimately responsible for your own soul.

    This empowers you to take control of your life, and to figure things out… not only empowers you, COMPELS you. It’s your duty to find truth.

    It’s obviously not easy.. But perhaps that tells you something within it’s self?

    I had always thought that any great being would never bother to create mindless drones-

    This exercise in existence, we call life, is to instill a personality upon us.

    I am sure you have heard: It’s not the destination, it’s the path that’s important.

    I hope my observation will assit you.

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