what is the survival rate of a teenager diagnosed with acute lymphoid leukemia?

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    I hope this isn't a homework question...

    # or children, the overall survival rate after chemotherapy is nearly 80%. [3] This includes children with all levels of risk factors. Survival rates are much lower for children with high-risk disease, while children with low-risk disease have even higher rates of survival.

    # For adults, the overall survival rate after chemotherapy is about 40%. [3] This includes adults with all levels of risk factors. For adults with high-risk disease, survival rates are much lower, while survival rates are higher for some adults with low-risk disease.


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    Okay, when my daughter was diagnosed in 2005 (she was 5) the doctors gave me the odds on the survival rate. For children it is 92% that is up from previous years. For adults it is about 45-50%. For adults (which is what I think the teenager would fall in) it is harder to treat. ALL (Acute Lymphoid Leukemia) is more of a childhood cancer so there has been more research for children with this cancer. Sorry if this doesn't help.

    Source(s): Mother of a child in remission.
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    I hope this is question is for your homework as well. My 2 year old niece was diagnosed with Pre-B cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (A.L.L.). The doctors said she has an 80% chance and 2 - 3 years of chemo ahead of her. The survival rate of A.L.L. depends on the risk (you can have low risk to high risk) and on the Immunophenotyping. It is my understanding that most A.L.L. cases are pre-B cursor. However, you also have T cell and Ph-positive (or Philadelphia-positive) ALL which I believe have a poorer prognosis. The B-cell A.L.L. also have distinctions that effect prognosis - they have pre -B, B cell and I'm not sure what else. They told my niece she has the 'good' type of leukemia (pre -b cell).

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    Every website will give you an estimated ratio of survival. Not every one of them will be accurate as its different in every state and country. The only way to determine your survival is praying to God. Call God and he's your Savior. I did when I was going through with 6 years of Cervical Cancer. I had HPV and even though many will feel it doesn't fall into the category of Cancer but once you get precancerous cells and a percentage will say its beign but no one really knows the ratio of survival of cervical or any kind of cancer. The only way to determine survival is your own body defense. Is your body immune system and blood count ready to take the overhaul of chemo and the needed meds if prescribed. We cannot make a concrete estimate as we don't really know only God knows the answer. The only way to survive is to pray. Prayers answers all grief, pain and hardship. I feel your grief as I went through 6 years not knowing if this or that was the last days for me as these precancerous cells kept staying in my cervix. Even if some women may say that HPV is beign but some women may encounter a bad blood count and die from it. No one is out of the danger zone when it comes to any kind of Cancer. It may be in remission for 6 years than it comes back than you battle with it again. For me, it was gone for 6 months than 3 months later it was back. It was nothing more than a tug a war with these cells for 6 yrs. I praise God for saving my life.

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    i hope this is a hw question because if they have it, i feel sorry for them.

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