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Any updates on the connections between Obama, Larry Sinclair, and Donald Young?

One thing that is very interesting is that the Chicago police department has interviewed Larry Sinclair concerning the phone conversations and text messages he had with Donald Young before he (Young) was murdered in Chicago in December, 2007. Young was the gay choir director at Trinity United Church of Christ, Obama's church. And of course Sinclair claims that he had at least two sessions of cocaine use and gay sex with Obama back in 1999 in Chicago. So things are looking very interesting.


The so-called failed polygraphs are a scam. In fact, there has been a massive smear campaign against Sinclair, and he is pursuing many people in the courts who have slandered and defamed him. And guess what? He is going to fight this until the bitter end. It's because he told the truth about what happened in 1999, and he's still telling the truth. And this truth will eventually be told, and the MSM will be forced to carry the story. In fact, the story may be broken by the Chicago police department. They are looking at what Sinclair provided to them as we speak.

Update 2:

Sorry, it has not been proven to be a lie. You are buying into the illegal smear campaign orchestrated against Sinclair by the Obama campaign and those sympathetic to Obama.

Update 3:

Almost all your assertions are factually incorrect. You have bought into the smear, fake version of what Sinclair did, etc. It has been a successful smear campaign for sure, but eventually lots of people will be held accountable for this, including many operatives either in the Obama campaign or working for him more informally. He has a pretty steady group of donors who are helping him fund his legal costs. So he is not going anywhere. And someone this determined, against extraordinary odds with people who don't want the story to get out, speaks volumes. If he were making this whole thing up he would have walked away a long time ago. Think about it? if it were this easy to do, to presumably make up a story like this, why aren't more people doing it? Think about it logically. No one would put themselves through this unless they were telling the truth. And typically the truth wins out in the long run, even if there are grave costs in the short run.

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    Maybe that is another reason why Barack is distancing himself from the Rev Wright.

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    So wait, this is a guy who lives in Duluth who claims he was only in Chicago because of some relative was graduating from the Navy. How would he end up blowing all these people in such a short amount of time?

    Anyway, his whole connection to Obama has been proven to be a lie. I don't know about Young, but if he isn't lying about that as well, it's probably just a six degrees of separation thing.

    Ok, so if it's not a lie, then answer me this. How does someone on public assistance afford a limo (yet at the same time is staying at cheap hotel)? Why would the limo driver hook Obama up with this loser crack head? Why doesn't he have the slightest shred of evidence other than his word, and can't even get a polygraph test to back him up? Why can't he even remember what they talked about, yet is sure it was Obama? If they were out partying that night and Obama had to back at the state capitol for his job, doesn't that make the whole thing rather unlikely? His story concerning Obama has more holes in it than swiss cheese.

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    Only from Larry. He's not doing any more polys that I've heard of though...possibly because the one he failed cast a bit of a pall on his allegations.


    So, Publius, what's the deal? You deleted the 'Ode' when it was suggested you might have stolen it...but now you're just pasting it all over the place?


    By the way, there were a couple of primaries today. You hear about those? They might have figured on the news at some point. People on this section might have mentioned 'em the Larry smear at this juncture?

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    The update is that Larry Sinclair is still a lying fruitcake.

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    what about hillary and the peter paul case that is waiting on her after this thing is over? why isn't anyone asking about that?

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    your little fake story wont affect his chances

    so go ahead..speak as loud as you can

    cuz ultimately the honesty prevails

    thats what happened in IN,NC

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