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Child endangerment. What can/or should I do?

My friend is in her third abusive relationship. About a month ago she tried to put him out of the house and he threatned to kill her and proceeded to beat her as he chased her through the streets and into a public bathroom where the police caught him in the act. Originally this all came to be after my friends child complianed about his erratic behavior all night long and so then her mother, my friend started askingme to keep her the weekends she works as her daughter did not want to be alone with him while her mother worked. The guy beat her black and blue, went to jail for a while, and she has now allowed him to return depite her childrens' wishes. I have choosen to end my 17 year friendship over this. I reported my friend to DCFS and they did nothing after I explained how the child was who originally told me about not wanting to be in the home w/ the boyfriend. I have choosen to end my friendship w/ my friend but what can I do to help her daughter who asked me for nothing?


Why won't the agency even go investigate? I know they are busy but there is documented events here. This is not her first time around with child services, the child in question who is comlaining ended up with a broken hip and leg when she was two years old from her previous abusive relationship he refused to allow the children to talk to her when he was mad, he smashed all cell phones so no one cold talk. The cops came out to check on the kids at her request and he refused to open the door and put the kids in a window to talk to the cops. Bottom line. Isn't it abuse for the daughter to have to live in an enviornement where she is afriad to be? Isn't it abuse to live in an enviornment where someone is getting abused domestically?

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    You need to report this over and over until someone listens. And if you see signs of him abusing her call the police. Almost every state has laws protecting children from being raised in abusive homes. Mothers who choose to stay or return to abusive men have a very real danger of having their children removed so they will not have to witness the abuse. Most states have a 3-5 incident limit before CPS will remove the children. So keep calling everytime you notice anything abnormal with the children or any bruises the woman has. And encourage neighbors to call when they hear the abuse happening.

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    Often Child Protective Services take too long to do what needs to be done or seem ineffective. Remember, they are just people running it, not some huge benevolent organization all together.

    Report it. You're doing the right thing. Providing evidence is important and getting other people and witnesses helps.

    I recently was aware of a woman whose grandson was in a dysfunctional and dangerous situation that seemed hopeless. she was a drug user and her boyfriend got out of jail on parole (who was also a drug user and abusive) got back together with the woman and the poor baby was taken along for the ride from motel to motel.

    The grandmother felt hopeless because of threats against her. In the end, some other people also reported her for things they had seen. It took more than just the one person reporting to get anything accomplished. It was a long, drawn out court circus with the mother of the child tryng to scheme her way into getting her child back while still using drugs, hanging out with the boyfriend who she was forbidden to see, and stealing.

    But at last (after about 2 years!) the child was taken from the mother's custody and put up for adoption and is now well taken care of.

    It seems endless and hard, but keep working at it! Be a hero for that daughter!

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    No. Freedom of Religion method ALL Religion in spite of what Arthwit Rail thinks. I have a larger Question: Should Christians be introduced up on expenses of Child Endangerment for educating them from a Book that constantly contradicts itself? Rev. Dr. Donald Betz D.D.

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    Sounds like you've done all you can do, if you've reported them to Child Protective Services. Unfortunately, it's up to them now to investigate and do anything. Maybe make another report.

    Depending on how serious you think this issue is, and how strong your friendship is, all you can do is try one more time to talk to your friend. Some people just will not listen - then they need to pay for that. Unfortunately the kids pay too.

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    I would keep calling the Child and Family Services Department. The more calls they get about it the more likely they are going to do something about it. I worked at a childcare center and when we had concerns about families we were told to keep written notes about what we knew, noticed, or heard, and to keep calling.

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    Contact the child and tell them that they need to tell a teacher or counselor at their school. The school is bound to report it. If it comes from the school CPS is more likely to investigate it.

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    take her into your house and feed her, clothe her. The other kids too. Eventually she and he are going to go to jail and lose these children.

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    Report it over and over and over and over...until someone does something!

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