Who do you believe the most influential person in the 70's was?

I was just sitting here and thinking about influential people and i would greatly enjoy your opinion on who you believe the most influential person of the 70s or in other words the "person of the decade". =] all input is greatly appreciated, thank you and have a great day or night.....


hosehead, how are "huggybear and randy mantooth" influential people. Huggybear was simply a fictional character in a t.v. show and randy mantooth was also only an actor. What makes you think they were in any influential other than in their respective shows. Im looking for people who influenced people not only in their field of chocie but also in other things such as using their popularity to tell people things like that literally changed peoples perspective of things, like the actor saying "doing blank isn't right so don't do this" and things like that that totally changed things. I do agree with dance because John Lennon was also a peace activist that moved many people.

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    Gandhi? Didn't he die in 1948?

    I'll second the "Lenon" answer.

    How about Nixon? He put an end to Johnson's war and opened up relations with China.

    Anwar Sadat? Made solid progress with Israel before he was assassinated.

    How about George Lucus and Steven Speilberg? Between them in the 1970s: American Graffiti, Jaws, Star Wars, Close Encounters, Raiders of the Lost Ark, ET

    Sam Walton? He took Wal-mart public in 1972

    John Travolta influenced fashion in a big way (I'm not sure for the better) with his role in Saturday Night Fever. When it was time to burn my old Disco clothes, they melted.

    Larry Flint (publisher Hustler Magazine) solidified our first amendment right to pornography through a series of court battles in the 70s, extending into the 80's. He was held in contempt of court by the US Supreme Court due to his outburst: "F**k this court!" He also called the justices "nothing but eight a$$holes and a token c*nt" (referring to Justice Sandra Day O'Connor).

    Interesting decade. We transitioned from flower children into disco dancers. I'm not sure how that happened, but I'm certain drugs were involved.

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    John Lennon

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    He's not anything virtually 'intelligent'. His have an impact on is constrained to the hardcore listeners of his exhibit, or something he is doing now. While that can be a big quantity of folks, it is rarely ample to have any truly have an effect on in the best way matters run.

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    Huggy Bear or maybe Randy Mantooth

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