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Armando Estrada possibility of wrestling full-time!?!?

Did anyone else see how ripped Armando Estrada was during the Colin Delaney vs Armando Estrada ECW conract match? Dude looks like he could get some serious in-ring work more often i mean i heard that he was actually invovled in an actual wrestling role back in OVW,and i also heard he was doing pretty well,but he decided on taking up the WWE's first offer of being Umaga's voice & manager just to get called up to the WWE Main Roster early. But what do you think about Estrada wrestling full-time? He already has the mic skills for the job.So what do you guys think?


I meant ECW Contract match.

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    I'm gonna have to disagree with the steroid talk...Estrada is the man!!! Plain and simple, I think he needs to get in the ring and get a nice singles push. His character is slick and yes the mic skills are there...wayyyyyyy better than most of that roster and he's what the brand needs right now...can you say Razor Ramon??

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    no they already have that whole wrestler/mg on raw with regal and as far as ive heard i haven't heard anything about him wrestling full time and you also have to keep in mind that he was wrestling a 50lb kid

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    THat would be cool because he is in good shape and he said he stopped wrestling in Cuba because there werent and good challenges.

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    He is taking steroids when he was sponsering umaga he had small mucles now he has big ones 1 word STEROIDS

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    hevent seen how ripped he is yet but yeah deffinetly if he wrestled i would cheer for him.

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    i say S T E R O I D S!!!!!!!!!!!

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