Democratic primary voters in North Carolina who voted for Mike Gravel, did you know he was going to be on the?

ballet before coming to the polling place. If he wasnt would you vote, and if yes for who?

Why did you decide to vote for Gravel when Obama and Clinton are fighting it out (you didnt want any influence in that?)

Are you voting for the Democrats, Republicans or 3rd party in November?

Just trying to see Where Mike Gravel voters are coming from

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I would vote for Mike Gravel in a heart beat whether he can win or not. We need to support candidates who will stand against US illegal foreign policy decisions. The decision makers could technically be convicted as war criminals, and soldiers are equally culpable under international law.

    I will only support and vote for candidates who do not violate international law. Please check out your local Green party web site. We need to elect populist candidates who will not be bought off by large corporations.

  • 4 years ago

    they did no longer "vote against" the President. on the Democratic pollthey have been provided his call or "no decision." 20% suggested that they had no decision. be conscious on an identical valid elections web site referred to under, via your reasoning 35% of Republicans "voted against" Romney.

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