I had the weirdest dream EVER. It wasso cool. What does it mean?

My dream

Me and my friends my age in the apartment(live in an apartment with 5 other families only and they are pretty big and there is a giant garden)were playing and we were playing a game called war(Its a very complicated game we made up). I was running and I found a place to hide. Then I found a box with all kinds of junk. I found a list inside with all the names from kids that lived in the apartment. Only kids my age were on the list(11-13 Im 11). I stuffed it in my pocket and later I took it out all the names were crossed out. I asked my best friend if she was home but she said no. Then I heard footstep. I was in my bedroom so I got scared and walked quietly and opened the door to look. It was a woman and she saw me so I asked her who she was and she just stared at me. Suddenly she swing at me with something and out of no where a cat appeared out of no where and hissed stunning her and then I ran. When I was at the door a man stared at me and the cat hissed at him like crazy.


Then he just transformed to another animal a small dog. Then the man hit the dog hard and then for some reason I fainted to. When I woke up I was in a cafeteria that was all white and filled with the kids on my list. There were 9 of us. Everyone was in an uniform that was also white. They all had a transforming animal to. The animals could talk to. It was as if the animals and kids knew each other so well. Then the man came in and told every body to go in to the sleeping room. Later another woman called me in a small room. In the room there was a small bubble and she tried to make me go in bit I was to fast for her and she had a animal thingy to it was a giant leopard thing. My animal then tried transforming to something bigger but transformed int a baby bear and leapt at the gorilla then kept randomly transforming then suddenly he grabbed my animal thing when he transformed into a mouse and squezzed it then threw me into the bubble and said something about grown ups and kids.

Update 2:

Sorry for the horrible grammar.

Update 3:

It took me like what 7 minutes. Your the one online insulting kids.

Update 4:

My parents dont allow me to eat anything sugary after 7. I dont play that much video games ro that much tv.

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    Everyone has dreams, but we don’t always recall what we dreamed about. In fact, we might think we didn’t even dream one night, but we dream every time we sleep deeply.

    Our most vivid dreams occur during a kind of sleep called “REM.” REM stands for “rapid eye movement,” because our eyes move back and forth quickly. “Vivid” means bright and lively. Our brain is very active during REM sleep. During the night, we have REM sleep every 90 to 100 minutes. REM periods last as long as 45 minutes. We have more dreams during other phases of sleep, but they are not as vivid.

    Our brain is like a giant filing cabinet. Everything we see, hear, taste, smell and touch is remembered by our brain, and put into what we might call a “brain file.” When we read a book, watch a television show or video, listen to music, eat some ice cream or pet a soft rabbit, it is all recorded in our “files.” Our brain pays attention even when we don’t! We call those files our memories. Usually, we don’t even know all those things are in our head!

    We dream about many different things. When we go to sleep, our brain begins to take bits and pieces of memories and put them together into a dream.

    Some dreams are fun or silly, while others can be scary. Most dreams do not make a lot of sense, because our brain just took little pieces from a bunch of different memories.

    Most people dream in color, but some have dreams in black and white or shades of brown! People do many things in their dreams that they really could or would never do, like fly or jump off a building, or swim and breathe under water.

    Some people believe dreams all have a deep meaning. Others think dreams are just jumbles of thoughts. There may be some truth to both ideas.

    Those who think dreams all have meaning, study the situations, places, people and objects in dreams, and then interpret them. They try to figure out what the dream meant to the dreamer.

    Some people believe dreams can predict the future, but studies have never proven that to be true, mainly because it is difficult to study dreams in a laboratory.

    Nightmares, or bad and scary dreams, are often thought to be caused by stress, traumatic events or worries in the dreamer’s life. Almost everyone has nightmares sometimes. Many people can force themselves to wake up when they have a bad dream.

    If you want to try waking up from a bad dream, do this:

    When you are having a really scary dream, for example, a monster is chasing you, turn to the monster and say, “Hey! Get out of here and leave me alone! This is MY dream and I’m waking up now!” It may just work for you!

    It was once thought if a person was falling in a dream and hit the bottom, or ground, they would die. We now know this is not true, because people have had such a dream and lived to tell about it! So, if you are falling in a dream, tell yourself, “It’s okay, because I will bounce when I hit the ground!” Then let yourself hit and you will have fun bouncing all around!

    There is a way to help yourself have good dreams. While falling asleep, you can start thinking about a happy situation and, often, a dream will begin from the happy thoughts. Doing this is called giving yourself “pre-dream suggestions.”

    For example, think about riding a pony on a mountain. Picture yourself on the pony’s back and then the pony begins to fly! Wow! That will bring a good dream!

    Happy thoughts bring happy dreams!

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    One interpretation: your emotions are featured in the dream.

    War game is energy in motion, e-motion, animals are emotions.

    The cats that appear to save the day are like rescue cats!

    You might enjoy "Alcatraz versus the Evil Librarians," by Brandon Sanderson; his mom suggested the story. (Any resemblance to a boy wizard is purely coincidental.)

    "The Neverending Story," Michael Ende,

    "A Wrinkle in Time" series, Madeline L'Engle,

    "The Secret Garden," Frances Burnett,

    "Johnny Tremain," Esther Forbes, and

    "The Great Divorce," C. S. Lewis, also good.

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    It means you watch too much tv and play too many video games. lol And you probably ate too much sugar or caffeine too close to bed.

    I have those kinds of dreams sometimes, really weird ones. Like I had this one a few nights ago, wher my old middle school was on a hill, and the doors of the gym opened out onto a huge sledding hill, and me and my friends were standing in line to go on the sled ride. I'm 28 years old. lol I have no idea where that dream came from.

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    purely final night I dreamed that I met John Travolta. i began out chatting with him approximately that action picture Face Off with Nicholas Cage and saying how the two certainly one of them performed the villian particularly nicely and then the dream purely shifted and that i'm finding interior the mirror and my face grew to become into swelling up as enormous as a watermelon and that freaked me out - next ingredient i be responsive to i grew to become into wide awake.

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    Oh Oh I know this one........It means that.......you are a total nerd for typing it all out so that people who don't care could read it.

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