Are there any rappers now that will be legends in 15 years?

It seems artists like Nas and Jay-Z are a dying breed. A lot of legendary rappers aren't in the game anymore, and with the state of hip hop now it seems like we may not see many more like the legends of yester year. Can you think of anyone who will be remembered when we think of rap 15 years from now?

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    I have to believe Atmosphere will be going very strong for a long time coming. Also I gotta mention 9th Wonder, he just started his career. Kanye, Common, Mos Def, and Lil Wayne are some that will definitely be remembered after they are finished. Sadly, I think Eminem and Akon will be too. But keep your eyes open, there is a revolution going to be kicking off in the music biz. A lot of people, not just fans, are tired of the path rap/hip-hop is taking. Artists are starting their own labels so that they are not bound by the nonsense of large media corporations. One thing I think should be considered also is that the exposure to the media and the medium due to technological booms has increased dramatically. Audience bases that were once considered untouchable (i.e.- the foreign markets)are now a large part of the market. Likewise, people with little experience and/or skill are making music from their homes and computers. I think these things have a lot to do with the generic sounds and pop culture that have developed around hip-hop. I hope (really really HOPE) that this is just a temporary change to this music and things will balance out.

    And who knows, maybe Nas will still be going in 2018. Just take a look at KRS-1, LL Cool J, and others like Big Daddy Kane who are making a comeback in a big way. Things have changed and will continue to do so, so don't give up yet!

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    I'm glad to see another TRUE rap fan. 2pac and Notorious will always be legends, the mystique of their deaths has given them "immortal" status in the rap world.

    Rap has become a game of one hit wonders, eliminating the 2pacs. I agree that Jay-Z will be a legend, and probably Nas too. I dislike Nas because he openly disses hip hop, but he is a talent.

    In fifteen years, I see Dr. Dre as a legend, as he gave birth to such a wide array of skilled rappers: Eminem, 50 cent and the rest of g-unit.

    Snoop Dogg is already a legend, he's the "Godfather" of rap. Also, Dre and Snoop worked with Pac and Biggie, making them even better.

    I think that Lil Wayne will emerge as one of the greatest rappers ever, as I think that he's the most sucessful rapper right now. He's been putting out good beats since Tha Carter, and he's got more consistency than anyone.

    50 Cent might be, but he needs to learn that fighting with Ja Rule and the Game isn't going to make him a rap legend. Biggie and 2pac exhausted the West vs. East battle, and no one will ever be king of New York... as far as I'm concerned, the mafia still runs New York.

    Eminem will probably be a rap legend, not for his rap, but for his visibility in the media. Although, he claims to be retired... we'll see that goes...

    Two years ago I would have said Mobb Deep would be a rap legend but I'm not so sure anymore...they've kind of faded...

    Anyway...I've said the ones who I'm pretty sure will be legends (except the last one of course) among the maybes are:


    Rick Ross


    Diddy (as a producer and entreprenuer)

    T Pain


    Kanye West (He should probably be in the top section..)

    Jim Jones

    We'll see how they do...

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    How could none, or next to none of you think Eminem will be a legend...

    if you think kanye west, 50, or T.I. or any of those shi*tty a*s rappers are better than him then it's obvious you guys are still mad that a white boy can actually rap...

    take a listen to the Marshall Mathers LP, The Eminem Show... those 2 albums showed how unique he is, it showed off his flow, lyrics and his great concepts (i.e. Stan)

    please kanye west? t.i.? you kdding me... Eminem is ranked near the top of most of these rappers lists and you guys are not even ranking him as a soon to be legend?

    Nas, Jay-Z, Rakim and many other legends say Eminem is just a monster...

    To A-, i disagree... to become a legend then you gotta wait till they retire, cuz for all we know eminem could come back and mess up hsi whole reputation.

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    I think there alot of rappers besides Jay & Nas that are already legends (Mos Def, Kweli, Common, etc.) but u want one guy that 4 sure will be in 15 years, it's gotta be Lupe Fiasco

    Edit: to Raiders L, nobody put Em cuz he already is today

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    I think theres still a few like ludacris, kanye west maybe little wayne for me being a legend you dont have to be in it for fifteen years as long you leave an impact on hip hop and fans agree, Also kings of crunk lil jon and three 6 mafia

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    Sadly I cant point out anyone, I mean sure there are a few out that have some hits, but does that mean they qualify for legendary status? I mean seriously people like L.L and Nas cant do it 15 more years, someone will have to carry the torch. it's a scary thought we have been spoiled by greatness, its hard to settle for less than that!

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    Kanye West


    Lupe Fiasco

    The Roots

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    The Game

    50 Cent

    9th Wonder <- basically the next J dilla(R.I.P)

    Little Brother

    Lil Wayne



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    The Game

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    1 decade ago

    Wait till 15 years...


    -Kanye West

    -Lupe Fiasco (maybe)

    -Talib Kweli

    -Joell Ortiz

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