Fishy Vaginal odor what can it be?

I have a fishy vaginal odor and cant seem to figure out why. I did a home screening kit from Vagisil that indicates my PH is normal. i used RePhresh and on the third day had a chunky white discharge and awful itching. Once the chunky discharge and itching started I treated with an over the counter yeast infection ovule insert, and a few days after the the yeast treatment (about 8-9 days) I started my menstrual cycle. I can not tell now if the odor is from the end of the menstrual cycle or if it is still the fishy smell. I do not have any STD's according to my doctor, was checked at my annual exam about 4 weeks before this started. I am just confused as to why the odor. I am a clean girl who has had one sex partner for the past 5 years and he has had no complaints either so can anyone shed some light?

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    Yeah, sounds like bacterial vaginosis, and it happens to the best of us. It happens. You may want to go have a swab done at your doc, then it'll be a round of antibiotics.

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    Did your doctor check you for the STD trichinomas? This is what it could be. Possibly bacterial vaginosis or you didn't clear up the yeast infection,if you have one. If you're having a lot of intercourse, this can cause the fishy smell.

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    Have you thought that it could be your diet. I used to have this problem in my twenties and I lightened up on milk and meat products. Try it for a little bit and see if that works. I also found that perhaps my clothes were a little too tight. Are you wearing breathable underwear. It may say that it is, but try switching to all cotton for a little bit. Hey I know the feeling it's irritation...

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    Fishy odor is usually a bacterial infection. You need prescription drugs from that. See your doctor.

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    sounds like a yeast an infection, yet never heard of one lasting 3 months. it must be the micro organism (don't be responsive to technical term) women human beings at times improve yet may be actual cured with antibiotics. the only helpful hearth thank you to tell is getting a PAP try. stable luck.

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    damn...sounds like aids to me

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