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who would win in a fight? Kimbo slice or mike tyson in his prime?

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    Its unbelievable how many people think Kimbo is so great he is a LOSER who fights weaker opponents bum fights on Youtube and then fights Tank Abbott who is a lazy beer drinking bum.

    Mike Tyson was so great in his prime he would fight anyone and everyone he was very talented from his head movement and fast and powerful punches he was a great Heavyweight Champion in his day and would Knock Out Kimbo any day.

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    Its insane how much the media has fooled everyone. Kimbo has done nothing. His biggest win was against Tank Abott a fighter thats won 1 of his last 11 fights! Watch the internet fights from Kimbo and look how he got dropped three or four times by nobodys. Sean gannon a complete bum knocked him out. Tyson would win in seconds. Kimbo is a very tough man, Tyson is an all time great.

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    In a boxing ring with boxing rules, Mike Tyson would knock Kimbo completely out without a doubt. Tysopn has true boxing skills from years of training and Kimbo does not. I am assuming since this is the boxing section, this is the kind of fight you are referring to. Tyson by way of 1st round knockout.

  • 4 years ago

    i imagine it truly is humorous that because Kimbo is on the TUF practice human beings imagine he's the acceptable element ever. sturdy artwork UFC for promoting the crap out of him and making human beings believe he's giant. With that stated i continually have believed that a properly rounded MMA fighter would win in a strive against adverse to a boxer. As anybody who's conscious something about MMA will allow you to know, Kimbo isn't properly rounded in any respect. Tyson became between the fastest and maximum sensible heavy weights in the heritage of boxing and would KO Kimbo inclusive of his first uppercut thrown! Granted Tyson would like it slow to come again into combating structure.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Tyson in his prime? is this a serious question?

    Mike Tyson in his prime would hospitalize Kimbo in the first round.

    And yes butterbean in his prime would rip Kimbo's head off too, does anyone realize how many people butterbean has knocked out in his day?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Tyson could beat him today, in the ring, street or cage. Kimbo is the UFC's version of Mr. T, a lot of image and the ability to separate UFC knucklehead fans from their hard earned cash.

  • wow this is easy tyson by a mile.for one kimbo is a hard puncher but he hasn't fought anyone.90% of his fights were against nobodies on the streets.before tyson won the title he had trained for years.correcting every mistake.tyson was a great fighter.he has ko's against larry holmes,mike spinks,frank bruno.....and many more former world champs.this is a stupid question

  • 1 decade ago

    Tyson today

    Tyson last year

    Tyson five years ago

    Tyson fifteen years ago

    Tyson would have and could kill Kimbo

    nuff said

  • 1 decade ago

    In a ring with rules then Tyson, on the street, no rules then Slice.

  • 1 decade ago

    in the ring, Tyson

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