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Service Canada??

I have a question about getting my birth certificate, and it's a question that requires me to call that number. The site isn't working for me right now, so is there a number I can call?

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    I don't think you'd call Service Canada. Birth certificates are issued by the provinces, so go to the blue pages of the phone book and look for vital statistics for your province.

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    Service Canada may be able to help you, but they may also refer you to the Vital Statistics branch in the province you were born. They would be the "experts" in that area rather than Service Canada.

    The link has links on it to each of the province's in Canada and their vital statistics area where you could ask birth certificate questions.

  • Use this website, if the number isn't working try emailing them.

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    Service Canada's are everywhere, but I doubt you'd call them.

    Source(s): American living in Canada
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