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HELP with proxy and online game?

OK, I need a proxy that will load the link below fully. If you have a proxy that can show the page, let me know!

(If you're confused about what the page SHOULD look like, enter the link into any browser window, and THEN try it on the proxy)

Thanks for your help!


The website, however it was created, does not run on links - you click on stuff in its left-hand menu and it opens in the same page. Frames maybe, or something like flash - i'm no computer whiz, so I'm not sure.

The problem is, the proxy sites I've tried (what I have and what people answered with) do NOT open anything other than the base webpage - no lefthand menu or even stuff like the current page. So when I open the page with a proxy, all I see is the background, essentially.

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    Go to

    download kbh.exe and run it

    that will send you to a popular gaming website through a proxy. On the site there is a link at the top that says "KBH Pass" This web proxy will allow you to get through the blocks.

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    one of the best proxies is

    The proxy is fast and very reliable

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    I'm kinda confused but if I understood this correctly Dr.Proxy

  • 1 decade ago works you can also sign up here to get news proxies emailed to you everyday:

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    dont do it i got a virus from it

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