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French Bulldog giving birth?

My french bulldog is almost 3 years, we were thinking on letting her have puppies, however, i been told that its difficult for frenchies to have their puppies and it would be better to have a c-section done. She's about 18 lbs, the male is about 26 lbs. Would a c-section be really necessary? What is the best time for her to have babies? Anything extra i should know related to this subject i would really appreciate it.

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    You purchased your dog from a pet store, a back-yard breeder, or an importer, and whether you have AKC papers or not, your dog is not suitable for breeding because you haven't shown her in conformation, you haven't had her fully health-screened (for Bruscellosis, von Willedebrands, the recessive "murr" genes for deafness, congenital heart murmurs or defects, etc.), nor have you gotten her CERF (eyes) or OFA-certified (or, at the very least had full sets of X-rays taken and analysed by experts that can show you hemi-vertebraes, calcified discs, luxating patellas, hips dysplaxia etc.)... And the fact is that Frenchies are a dwarfed breed with a propensity to develop spinal or hip problems, so unless you do your research thoroughly, there is absolutely no point in breeding poor-quality puppies to sell unwittingly to other non-informed victims.

    No dog is "perfect" and even show-quality dogs have their faults, but a proper breeder will have apprenticed under the tutelage of another breeder, learning to assess dogs properly and hone their eye in order to detect qualities and traits that can enhance a future generation...

    The size or weight of the male or the female have absolutely no significance... And the breeding of female Frenchies is not for the faint-hearted... Puppies can die getting stuck in the birthing canal, and females can die from emergency C-sections, so breeders are ALWAYS prepared and fully-equipped to measure hormone levels and take temperature readings during the last stage of gestation so that they can get their female to a scheduled C-section in a timely manner.

    And if the female dies before the puppies have been able to suckle colostrum, there's a pretty good chance that the puppies will all die from weakened immunities since Esbilac or powdered goat's milk won't be adequate to sustain and nourish them.

    You should spay your dog and let her enjoy her life as a pampered pet. That was always her intended purpose. Frenchies are companion dogs and responsible breeders always sell their puppies with mandatory spay / neuter clauses.

    And the longer you wait to have your Frenchie spayed, the higher the likelihood of her experiencing false pregnancies, pyometra, urinary-tract infections, or cancers (mammarian, ovarian, cervical, etc.).

    There's a reason that hobby breeders are the best at producing healthy puppies for furthering good lines... And that's why it's called a hobby... They select great dogs, they enter them in shows, they have full lab tests and X-rays performed, and they breed selectively (even paying thousands of dollars for champion stud fees) in the hopes of producing some outstanding dogs that conform to the standards. In most cases, they're lucky if they manage to get one truly superior dog that they'll inevitably keep, while placing all the others as pets in loving homes...

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    French Bulldog Birth

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    The above answer is very discouraging and critical. I work in a Vet Clinic and my Veterinarian does not always recommend all the tests when a client wants to breed their French Bulldog. It seems like all the answers here are very liberal. To me You are entitled to breed your dog. You just have to do it right. Find out first how much time, money and emotion you will have to go through with your dog and then decide whether you still want to do it. Trust me French Bulldog puppies from breeders are not 100% guaranteed better than yours. There is nothing wrong if you prefer to have puppies from a dog you love dearly than run to buy one from a breeder.

    To some of you, did your parents discuss with you whether they should have given birth to you or they just did it. Did they take all the health tests before having sex? I mean we are human, isn't this issue more important to us than to dogs.

    Talking of rescuing, my husband and I rescued dogs too. We rescued PitBulls and have a Frenchie and Tervuren as puppies. They all have health insurance. There is nothing wrong to breed and keep French Bulldog puppies for yourself or give some to your family. You won't find French Bulldog puppies in shelter.

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    Turn your caps lock off, and call your vet and schedule a spay. Most Bulldogs can not have puppies without help, and 99% of them aren't breeding quality. Bulldogs have a ton of health problems as it is, so she doesn't need a higher chance of developing cancer by not being spayed. Trust me when I tell you that you will spend four or five times as much money getting your dog through a pregnancy than you will ever make on the puppies. Breeding Bulldogs without being a championship kennel is a money pit, and you're putting your dog's health at risk for no reason. Have her spayed, it will be better for her in the long run. The world doesn't need anymore poorly bred Bulldogs or mixes.

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    This Site Might Help You.


    French Bulldog giving birth?

    My french bulldog is almost 3 years, we were thinking on letting her have puppies, however, i been told that its difficult for frenchies to have their puppies and it would be better to have a c-section done. She's about 18 lbs, the male is about 26 lbs. Would a c-section be really necessary?...

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    Almost all frenchies are born by c-section.

    here is info on it:

    You should also try their questionnaire about breeding because it has a lot of useful info:

    Then please take a time out and re-read your question. The first sentence really got me "we were thinking on letting her have puppies" That blew me away ''LETTING HER HAVE PUPPIES" you make it sound like it would be either her idea or something that could just happen when that is far from the are thinking of deliberately seeking out a mate for her and arranging to breed her.

    It isn't letting her do anything, it is YOU choosing to have something DONE to HER. I won't get into the ethics of breeding your dog (I'm sure someone else will bring that up) but I would like you to re-think how you feel about this and be willing to at least sound responsible for what you are considering.

    Then if you breed her be willing to be responsible for the pups for their whole lives and be willing to take them back from the new owners at any time and for any reason. Keep track of where they are and when they move and put a clause in the puppy contract so if they need to get rid of the dog they can't dump it at a shelter. Be responsible.

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    Before you decide to breed- please do more research- in order to breed correctly, it takes a ton of time, money, and effort to have a litter of puppies and do it safely- do both dogs meet the breed standard? Have you done health testing on both dogs to be sure that they do not have any genetic disorders? Do you have $$$ set aside for all of the health visits, including a possible c-section. Do you have a contract written up for the future owners? Are you prepared to take them back if the future owners can't keep them for whatever reason? (if you bring life into the world, you're responsible for it's entire life!)- Do you have several weeks you can take off work to be with your female and to care for the new puppies? Do you know what to do if a puppy is stuck? Do you know what to do if the female rejects one? Do you know how long you should wait between puppies before you panic? Are you going to remove dewclaws? Are you prepared to do that or pay for it? What about docking the tails?

    Breeding dogs is a serious business- If you don't know the answer to all of these questions, please reconsider and have your girl spayed.

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    I had a Boston Terrier that had this problem. Theirs head are too big and pose a real problem. My vet would not schedule a C Section. She had to go into labor. The best bet is to consult your vet. Take your dog in and have her looked at. And if you do decide to go ahead then make sure your vet has someone on call nights and weekends. And get ready to spend a pretty penny. Ours cost about $800.00 and that was 10 years ago.

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    I bred my girl 12 times natraul

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