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Insurance Question?

Employment Insurance. I need to take some time off of work for Medical Reasons and I'm wondering if there's Insurance to cover this? I'm in Canada.

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    If you have over 600 insurable hours in the past 52 weeks you may be eligible for sickness benefits for employment insurance. You will need to get a record of employment from your employer showing you left because of sickness (or leave of absence-but make sure they put comments in that it is for sickness) You will also need a letter from your doctor supporting the fact you are medically unable to work. Try and get the doctor to put dates on the note saying you can't work for 15 weeks, since that is the max. time for sickness benefits.

    From Service Canada

    Sickness benefits

    Sickness benefits may be paid up to 15 weeks to a person who is unable to work because of sickness, injury or quarantine. To receive sickness benefits you are required to have worked for 600 hours in the last 52 weeks or since your last claim. A medical certificate must be obtained to confirm the duration of your incapacity. The fees requested by your doctor or dentist are entirely at your own expense.

    A person who makes a claim for sickness benefits is not only required to prove to be unable to work but also that he or she would be otherwise available for work.

    Particular situations…

    You may qualify for sickness benefits even with less than 600 hours as long as you did not stop working because of illness, injury or quarantine. In fact, if you are already receiving regular benefits and you become ill while you are on that claim, you may receive the sickness benefits you are entitled to.

    If you are receiving sickness benefits and you ask for maternity and parental benefits, you will want to know more about the maximum number of combined weeks of benefits you may be able to receive.

    If these situations apply to you, call our telephone information service at 1 800 206-7218 from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm and press "0" to speak to a representative. You can also write us or go in person to your Service Canada Centre to have your claim modified

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    Well, there are private policies you can purchase if you don't have short term disability insurance as a group through your employer. It's called disability income protection and you have to qualify health wise for the plan and the plan must be in place before you file a claim on it. Check with the Human Resource Department on your job to see if you have this.

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    No. If you have short term disability, that "might" cover, depending on the "medical reason", and the way the policy is written.

    It's that, or savings.

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    That should be covered under your short term disability policy if you have one. That's the way it is in the USA anyway.

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