Why does John Cussack hate his early films Better Off Dead and One Crazy Summer so much???

Why does John Cussack hate his early films Better Off Dead and One Crazy Summer so much??? Why is he so somber and serious nowadays and seems like an animated corpse in interviews and certain films?

Why does he take himself so seriously that he can't enjoy this aspect of his career. I'm not saying he has to embrace them, make similar films, or go to fan-geek conventions supporting it, like Comic-Con or what-have-you, but he seems so cold-hearted and callous to this body of films and how they actually bring a bit of good-feeling and laughs to the viewers of them. I actually heard he literally abhors the director of those films, Savage Steve Holland.

I personally think they are great 80s comedies. Sure, they aren't Citizen Kane or Apocalypse Now, but they stand on their own merits.

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    Actually it is not a case of him looking back. In an interview with Savage Steve Holland he relates that John Cusack hated the film Better Off Dead right after it was finished. He told Savage Steve on the morning following a screening that he (SSH) made him (JS) look like a fool.

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    I had not heard that he hated those early films of his, but a lot of actor/actresses are embarrassed by some of their early roles. I know Michelle Pfeiffer feels the same way about her role in Grease 2. He probably just feels he is a much better actor now and that people didn't take him seriously enough as an actor then. I personally loved many of his early films. Two of my favorite 80's films are "The Sure Thing" and "Say Anything". I don't think he should be embarrassed about them even if they aren't the type of films he likes to do now. Those early films are what gave him his start and got him noticed.

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    I think some actors hate looking in their past films because it's almost like watching themselves grow up. John Cusack started movies when he was about 17 which is still awkward to be filmed. Yes, these movies are what made him, but he probably just thinks of himself as a different actor & wants to be known for something more than just his teen days, which is ok. I think it's just like Daniel Radclift with Harry Potter. He doesn't want to be forever known as Harry Potter. I've also heard John Cusack in interviews talking about his old movies and hating on them, but I was thinking he just gets irritated thinking about his teen days. I know I hate looking back at who I was as a teenager even though I wasn't filmed. Maybe he had a hard time during those times with his family or maybe something else was going on in those times that we don't know about. Either way those movies are still the best in my opinion. He should enjoy his career though. Shooot, if I was making his money I would appreciate ANY movie I made. Even if it was crappy!

    Personally, Better Off Dead, One Crazy Summer, 16 Candles, Say Anything are my favorites. He's still a favorite actor of mine. Him & his sister.

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