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Pokemon Diamond And Pearl-Where do I get a Ditto?

I need one to breed with my Eevee! I also need to know where I can get a Dratini! They're so cute! Anyways, my name is Bianca and My Friend Code is 0989 2275 9436.

I will trade too!

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    You can just get a ditto in Diamond/Pearl. It's somewhat rare but I will trade! I have TONS of Dratini too. Here's a few ways to get Ditto: Migrate from Pokemon Firered after getting into Circulean Cave by getting the National Dex and beating the Elite Four, the hard way.


    You could get the Ditto by going to route 218, which is by that city on the WAY far left of the region (opposite of Sunyshore). Then you just use the Pokeradar to find it and it will only be in the ones that sparkle. It will be at levels 29 and 30 and it will sometimes, but rarely, hold a Quickpowder or Metalpowder. These raise the power of DITTO'S (and only Ditto's) speed and defense stat.


    Get Dratini by going into Mt. Cornett and going to the FIRST snowy place. Go right, up, and then when you see a barely visible rockclimb area, go up. Then go up another time until you can't go up any more. There should be a cave on the right of you and a waterfall there. Surf until you are FACING the waterfall, and can't get any closer. DON'T go up. Fish with the super rod and you may find it soon. That's how you find those pokemon, and if you want to trade tell me. Because you have a, #1, 22% chance of finding Ditto, and #2, a 30% cance of finding Dratini. Dratini evolves into Dragonair at level 30, and Dragonite at level 55. So be careful if you don't want it to evolve!

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    Sorry, you need to trade a Ditto with someone. By the way, do you have Leaf Green? Because the Ditto breeding trick only works on Leaf Green. If you do, go to the safari zone and surf in the middle of the water thats there, then you might find one. Hope I helped a bit, Bianca!

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    I Think you have to Have a Different Cartridge in Your gameboy at the same Time as Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, LIke Emerald is what i use But Sapphiire and Ruby Might do.. and you Go Left of Jubilife Cityy And over the water to that New area.. thers a Patch of Grass that i Find them in.. Using Pokeradar of Course though.. if you dont know how to Use that i suggest Visiting :) its good for this stuff tells you where everything is!

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    enter every sinnoh pokemon on ur pokedex' then talk 2 the proffessor and get a gba game( pokemon) that u have caught a ditto then use pal park to enter ditto and 5 other pokemon.

    if u get stuck or u dont have a gba pokemon game then tell me and il give u 1 from my game

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  • Ditto is found if you use cheats.Like action replay or game shark.I highly recommend not to though.

    It helped me.It says everything about pokemon pearl or diamond.It also tells every person you can battle,what pokemon can be found in that area,and how to win badges.It basically how to beat the WHOLE game.OK?Try it.Oh,and GOOD LUCK!

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    Ditto:Route 218 Poke Radar Rare

    Dratini:Mt. Coronet,Surfing/Fishing.RARE.

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