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Where would you invest $5000 right now ?

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    put $3,000 into your IRA account.


    GIS - General Mills, Inc. (United States) (NYSE)


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    I would hope you don't mean all in one place. I would look into financial, solar, and precious metals. These are the fastest evolving markets right now. Real Goods Solar is having their IPO on Friday $10-12 a share might result in a pretty good gain. Just look at FSLR up nearly %300.

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    it's at $85 right now, will be $200 by end of summer

    Saving doesn't make sense right now b/c cost of inflation is higher than the savings rate so you'll be losing money if you put it in savings

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    Diversity is the key.

    Put some in to this.

    9,000% in 10 months by doing nothing.

    In this crisis year, 1000% in 1 year automatically.

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    Allegheny Technologies (ATI)

    Aluminum Corporation of China (ACH)

    Manitowoc Company (MTW)

    These are some of the best companies you can buy right now. There is more upside in these companies then any of the others any one has listed.

    Disclosure: Long ATI and MTW

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    right now? in my mattress...

    Actually CD's. Its not the highest yield but its zero risk. I have about 150k invested in B of A CD's. Its the only investment that doesn't keep me up at night.

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    AAPL. Its got good potential to reach $200 by the end of the year. YHOO if it goes under $22.

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    Look at to see what people are investing in and how their portfolios are doing.

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    I'd give it to my girlfriend to pay off her credit card so I could spend some time with her this summer.

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    Pay off high interst credit or loans.......18% saved is 100% earned.

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