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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentElections · 1 decade ago

If Obama thought of the gas tax holiday, would folks think "great", &Clinton negative for not supporting it?

A lot of people in our country are hurting. Not the celebrities, not the welfare recipients - the middle folks - the ones that actually pay the taxes.

Though the opinion, apparently, of several large media outlets - the ones that seem to have the power to tell everyone what to think - is that the gas tax holiday is mere pandering - I for one consider it to be an attempt to help. Mere cents on a dollar per gallon could add up to be $30 worth of groceries for our famly this summer. I'll take it.

It is funny that the biggest critic of the gas tax holiday, is the candidate who didn't think of original ideas.....accept for photos spread on the internet stating that the tax will not help us, but will ruin the infrastructure of the US....this is pandering too....just in a negative way....yeah, that's right - from Mr. Positive & change - fear tactics


In response to the point that the g-tax holiday will cause oil prices to rise - this by "Secret Mentor" :

Hillary's proposal wants the oil companies to pay the tax. See, it still gets paid, nothing happens to the roads.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Don’t like the ‘Gas Tax Holiday?” Don’t cash your Stimulus Rebate Checks.

    IT IS SO FUNNY TO HEAR PEOPLE say they don’t want the tax holiday and continue to defend Obama in his position that it’s a gimmick

    SO FUNNY, as if these Obama supporters are:

    1. rich

    2. get money directly from oil companies

    3. they are happy to pay $4 gallon +++

    It’s amazing!!! You take any tax break you get. PERIOD.

    If the oil companies raise the prices after the tax break is in place, then you will see a sheer price manipulation by them and can go after them a lot more easily than having to prove price manipulation.

    Clinton plans to pay for it with a Windfall Tax on profits by the oil companies. This is the correct thing to do when they posted record profits.

    I’m sure you dont mind George Bush’s Stimulus Check right??? —- as much as you hate Bush, you take his $300-$600 right???? I’m sure you couldn’t cash that check any faster even knowing that it wont solve the national debt issue.

    Of course, you took Bush’s Stimulus Check right away without question because:

    1. You need it

    2. Your not rich.


    Clinton message is that this move is a way to START the fight vs oil companies, its not the end solution. It is a fight that needs to happen but OPEC and the Oil Companies paid off every politician to shut up.

    We need a fighter that will fight the oil companies and the BS public relations spin they put on things. Obama wants to do a camp fire and discuss things with the oil companies. As an empty suit, he fits their mold. They will buy him quicker than 1 gallon is used up by your truck. Obama gets paid by the oil companies and here you have, his supporters talk about the gas tax holiday as not good for us americans or our national debt.

    Not passing this, you will continue to give the oil companies a free pass over the summer, over the year and the rest of the decade. I’m sure you take every tax break you can when you file your taxes or you cash your rebate check even though you know it won’t reduce the national debt.

    You take it because you need it.

    You are in debt personally, you need the help.

    In the end, you need someone that will fight against the oil companies for price manipulation atop of this Gas Tax break, Hillary will. She is not going to stop after this tax break. Obama wants to see how much they will pay him first before making any decisions. It’s the Kilpatrick notion of leadership if you ask me.

    In the end, its very simple…If you don’t want the Gas Tax break, DO NOT cash your stimulus check from Bush Jr. as well. It only makes sense, right?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Some would and some wouldn't. In this partisan season, many are just thinking about how great their candidate is and how wrong the others are. Others are more coolheaded. I don't see this as a big issue either way, personally, and tend to agree with the media outlets that it's small change. But this question actually opened my eyes to the possibility that I've been wrong. If the original poster could use the $30 for groceries, then I guess Clinton wasn't wrong to say, hey, maybe you folks with a lot of money don't need $30, but a lot of people do.

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  • 4 years ago

    First off, using Obama’s middle name to identify him negatively is no different then what democrats do to republicans all the time. Bush I was always referred to as “George Herbert Walker Bush” as a means of identifying him as a social elitist with (God forbid) TWO middle names. And I have also seen people use their middle names when it is politically expedient to do so (such as when Senator Townsend used her middle name “Kennedy”). To call someone racist for doing so I think is wrong. It is not racist, just politics. As to your question on gas prices, I think it is a matter of prospective. Clinton and McCain see the gas tax as a very regressive (meaning it impacts the poor harder then the rich) tax that also adds to the overall cost of just about everything from food to machine parts. Obama sees the gas tax as a significant federal revenue source that must be kept in order to have funds the government can then use to manipulate the economy with and get it back on its feet. I can understand the logic, even if I do not agree with it.

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  • Peace
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    Most of you don't seem to understand Hillary's proposal, at all.

    Hillary's proposal is better than McCain's and of course better than Obama's because he has NO solutions for helping us.

    McCain's idea was to give us a tax break, but without anyone to cover it. That is where you get the people saying what about the roads.

    Hillary's proposal wants the oil companies to pay the tax. See, it still gets paid, nothing happens to the roads.

    Anyone who says the oil companies will then just raise prices doesn't know what they're talking about. The FTC would not allow that.

    You can't just let Obama tell you what to think and not look up the facts for yourself.

    Obama is lying about the plans of the other two candidates because he's trying to make it appear as though he is so much different .

    Well I hate to break it to Obama and Rev Wright, but just because "different is not deficient" does NOT mean that different is better!

    Just because Obama has a different idea, or in this case NO idea to fix the gas prices, doesn't make him a better choice.

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  • 1 decade ago


    Lets ask this question. Would you rather have $10 per month or $100 per month for gas? If you say the latter, then you are already there.

    It is not because it came from her. It is because it is a bad idea. People are already getting a rebate check that will help off-set the cost of gas. Over the June, July and August time frame it will average to more than the $10 per month gas tax holiday is providing. You are already getting extra cash and the gas tax holiday does little to help our financial situation. However, that is not your real issue here. It is about you wanting people to vote for Hillary at any cost. The gas tax, nor your position (or McCain's) is in the best interest of the country.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Clinton certainly is on the short end of the stick for positive media coverage. It's sad when a Demo Candidate has to go to Foxnews to get fair coverage. I used to respect CNN, but they are campaigning so hard for Obama I can't watch anymore.

    If Obama is the man of "change", where is his short-term proposal for change in fuel prices? Hillary's plan may not work, but do-nothing isn't working either.

    What we need to do is get out of Iraq and quit financing a war with China which weakens the dollar. A stronger dollar would lower fuel costs in the short and longer term.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Obama slams it because he didnt do it first, 30 dollars may not help everyone but it will buy food and formula for babies, people should remember not everyone has what they may have...instead of falling into line and supporting a tax holiday on gas Obama laughs at it and ridicules it, just shows more that hes an elitist.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I just saw Obama on tv trashing Hillary for trying to give us some relief.

    What's more insulting than a guy people already think doesn't get what the working class goes through, sitting there smirking because 18 cents a gallon is chump change to him?

    I don't get how criticizing Hillary for wanting to give us some relief makes him seem more in touch with the average American like me , who decides which gas station to pump at based on a difference of 1 or 2 cents!! per gallon!?

    This guy is so out of touch with Americans it's not even funny.

    Also it's been misrepresented.

    McCain wants no one to pay the tax, which is where the "what about our roads!" thing comes in, and has nothing to do with Hillary's proposal.

    Hillary wants the oil companies to pay it, with FTC regulations so that they can't raise the price. There's more to it than that but she has all the bases covered.

    Obama wants us to pay it! And wants to mock both Hillary and McCain for trying to give us some short term relief.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It is pandering, and while you claim you could use the extra $30 for your groceries, you don't realize the repercussions of such a holiday. We would be more dependant on oil and it would only raise the price in the end, costing you a lot more in the end. And if you need the $30 so bad, why don't you get off the internet? Unless you're using someone else's, you could be saving yourself alot of money by discontinuing such a superfluous service.

    We as a nation need to start looking further than the tip of our nose. Short term "solutions" (aka political pandering) will never take us far.

    Obama for America.

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  • An idea should be judged by its merits, not by who supports it.

    But in politics, people sacrifice their intellectual honesty in order to "spin" to support their candidate.

    So yes, people change their positions based on who it helps in the campaign.

    PS Whether the "gas tax holiday" is a good idea or not is another discussion.

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