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This page contains both secure and non-secure items, do you want to display the non-secure items?

All of a sudden this started popping up on most of my web sites. The problem is, it won't let me access the web site, no matter which option I chose. Where can I turn this option off in my internet settings? Thanks

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    Something has been reset for whatever reason

    if as you say this never happened before,and

    to remedy this the following.

    Go to tools<>internet options<>advanced,and

    scroll all the way down to second from bottom

    box and uncheck where it says <>warn if changing

    between secure and unsecure ok

    or apply if there, and you will never see that

    annoying little box again.

    As you would already know you are

    on a secure site because of the HTTPS and

    the yellow padlock it is not nescessary to be told

    that when you move away it is unsecure as you

    would know this secure is only for

    signing in and credit card etc...etc....etc..........

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  • 1 decade ago

    How long has this been happening,you may have picked up a virus or spyware I'd run some good security scans and see if it comes up clean,also the website may be dangerous or experincing problems, some bugs can even alter your hosts file and block sites to stop you from downloading programs to remove spyware and virusis

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    1 decade ago

    it should only happen when you go from a https:// address to a http://

    Just warning you, change your security settings

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