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online games?

What are some good online games to play? Either free or under 20 bucks. something where you can interact with other people.

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    Dofus, it's made by Ankama games. It's free if you want the bare minimums (which is what i and the majority of other players survived on), or you can subscribe which gives you extra items and access to other areas. I've made plenty of friends from all over the world playing this game, just don't be an idiot and you'll get on just fine. Here a few tips for yuo once you start playing:

    1, Never leave the first place you come to until you're level 30+, you'll need to be with a group to survive down there if you're not strong enough on your own.

    2, Get the full gobble set (made of like a sheep), it's the strongest while you're up there.

    3, After you've chosen your class, take a look at what statistics you're character is best at and boost that/those stats alone. for example, if you're attacks are strength based, then only level up you're strength stat, your items (hopefully all Gobble) will boost the rest up perfectly.

    They're working on a new and better looking sequel to Dofus called Wakfu, maybe look for that on google hey?

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    First off, GW is like 30, 20, and 20, and each expansion can stand alone, so he could get one of the cheaper two, if he wanted, then add on as he goes. There are also more options than runescape, has Maplestory and Mabinogi, Both are free to play but you can pay for special items and whatnot, there's also Ragnarok online, but I don't know how to get that, sorry. Also, if you dont want graphics, there are MUD's, these are text-based adventure games, usually medieval-fantasy based, where you go around killing stuff, getting items, exp, gold, so on, among other people. to find one, there are a good 1600+ on TMC, so don't let the first one turn you off them, don't let telnet turn ya off them either. :)

    Source(s): I played Maplestory for about 4 months, I current play 1 mud, and Co-Admin another, And I own all 3 GW's
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    Runescape sounds like the one for you. Registration is free and once you pass the tutorial you can interact with other users and challenge them to fights and swap items and gold with them and a whole load of other useless things.

    Also, if you like the game that much, you can become a member for a price of $10 per month. With this, you get a monthly payment of money and some items that other users that are not members cannot obtain.

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    If you're into MMORPGs typical KOrean grind-fest then check out Cabal Online( if you're in North America). pvp-oriented then theres RohanOnline which is coming soon into Open beta. Both Games are free. As with free to play games there are always spammers/botters which can't be helped unless the companies decide to sue the ppl behind the acts.

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    Yes u can log on to In which u can interact with other peoples. Its FREE of cost.

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    you should buy guild wars, it is about 50 bucks but it worths it because you don't have to pay ever again and it has good graphics : )

  • 1 decade ago I think its all for free.

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