Types of pictures for a modeling portfolio!?

I am currently taking modeling/acting classes with John Casablancas. I am new to this business so I don't have a portfolio! For starters... can I get any photographer to take my pictures for my portfolio? They will look professional but nothing like a real photoshoot.

I am talking about a free lance photographer to maybe do some pics outdoors to bring out my eyes, etc...

Any photographer ok or just studio type?

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    1 decade ago
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    i would say call up the place where ur taking the modeling/acting classes and see if they could direct u on what they may think it better. maybe they would be more helpful then what answers u may get on here,

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    You should look up photographers in your area that are well known that will allow you to pick a location outdoors for your shoots. I would say go for a variety of photos. The portfolio I shot for someone last included 4 head shots (angled, and forward), a variety of body shots in different outfits (upper half body, full body, 3/4, sideview, laying down).

    I would definitely have them done outside, and have them done by someone that you pay hourly so that you can change and such.

    But just so you know, those photographers usually run $30-75 and hour and then charge for prints as well. But it will definitely be worth it in the long run.

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    As the other said above about photographers, call a professional. Don't forget to include the following shots: high fashion, swimsuit, casual, sporty, head shots, and if your hands and feet are model worthy have them take some hand and feet shots.

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