Ask for MYOB how to entry the prepayment in US$?

我需要支付訂金(US$),我用開的軟件只需Dr. 入prepayment a/c when i paid deposit and Cr. bank.....有正式purchase invoice 時就 Cr. prepayment a/c 再Dr. A/P. 但MYOB 我就唔知怎入數啦.....請各位幫幫手指教!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    First you have to set the USD deposit (prepayment) account (List -> Currency -> USD )

    Then create an order in USD, enter paid today amount as your deposit amount and record the order.

    Ctrl R to review the transaction in double entry

    Make sure the transaction is correct, since it cannot be deleted for this kind of order.

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