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4.When your parents were younger, they probably had little money, how did they get by? Do their spending habits differ from yours? How?

My parents are were young to have no money, so make money very hard, therefore cause them all very economical consumption temperament


5.Assume you became rich unexpectedly (nice thought, isn’t it?). What would you do with the money? Please explain your plan if this dream came true.

If I became rich unexpectedly, first I will buy a house live or invest to use, On partially putting in the bank to accept interest, one partial investment, a partially contribute money to person society that need to be helped up, end will leave of money take a tour around the world


6.How to plan salary in the every month(examples, save, investment, expenditure of proportion


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    4. When your parents were young, they probably had little money. How did they get by? Did their spending habits differ from yours? How?

    => When my parents were young, they had no money, so they worked very hard to earn a living. This led them to become very thrifty in spending.


    5. Assume (that) you become rich unexpectedly. Nice thought, isn’t it?

    What would you do with the money? Please explain your plan if this dream comes true.

    => If I become rich unexpectedly, I will first buy a house as a residence or as an investment. I will then deposit part of the remaining money in a bank to collect interest, invest part (of the money) in the stock market, donate part (of the money) to those who are in need, and spend the remaining (money) traveling around the world.

    Words in ( ) for the corrections on #5 can be omitted.


    6. How do you plan to divide up your salary every month? (For examples: proportions among savings, investments, and spending.)


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