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拜託 幫幫我>"<

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    A: Hi, John , how have you been?

    B: I am ok. I am thinking about moving out of dormitory next year.

    A: Why? Anything bothers you?

    B: I don't like the noises in the school dorm. Some people are just too noisy!

    A: I know. I was in the dorm last year. All first year freshmen are noisy in the dorm, I think.

    B: Maybe I should move out nexy year?

    A: It is good to move out, but it is totally up to yourself.

    B: Oh.

    A: If you are very independent, you may like to move out just like me. Therefore, you don't have any more noisy environment. That would be good for your study. If you are not an indenpendent person, maybe it is good to stay. You will find friends are most important to you.

    B: Well, I don't know. Maybe I have to think it over.

    A: The 2nd year study load will be heavy. I suggest you to include this for your consideration.

    B: It is already heavy to me in the 1st year.

    A: Then, maybe it is good for you to move out?

    B: I have plenty of time to consider these options. Maybe I will decide later.

    A: Great! I will see you on Monday in the stadium. Bye.

    B: Bye! Thanks for your advice.

    A: Any time.

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