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聯絡簿的用詞 英文該怎麼說?




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  • Eva
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    1. 背解釋 recite the annotations

    2. 數學10題 ten math questions

    3. 考卷一張 one test paper (練習卷 worksheet)

    4. 聽考語詞 listen to the words and phrases of test

    5. 字詞錦囊 words embroidered purse

    6. 唐詩成語 Tang poetry idioms

    7. 檢查指甲 check the nails

    8. 造句 make the sentences

    9. 補考 make-up exam (exam是 examination 的口語,較短就像vocs一樣)

    10. 帶面紙 bring the tissues

    11. 英文單字各5遍 write the English vocs five times

    12. 背課文 recite the text

    13. 重考 retest

    14. 默寫 write from memory


    2008-05-06 10:30:24 補充:

    11. 英文單字各5遍 write the English vocs five times

    (如果唸的話建議:write the English words five times 因為vocabularies太饒舌了)

    Source(s): I'm a teacher.
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  • 妤蓁
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    背解釋-Carry and explain.

    數學10題-mathematics 10 question.

    考卷一張-one of examination papers piece.

    聽考語詞-listen to not for words and phrases.

    字詞錦囊-words embroidered purse.

    唐詩成語-Tang poetrying idiom.

    檢查指甲-check nail of.

    造句-making sentences.

    帶面紙-not bringing surface the papers.

    英文單字各5遍-word respectively 5 times not English.


    Source(s): 自己**
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  • 1 decade ago


    Back explained,

    Mathematics 10 title,

    an examination papers,

    listening test of words,

    words tips,

    poetry Idioms,

    check fingernails,


    with glossy paper,

    the English word five times,

    the text back

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