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2.2. Determination of lactobacilli counts

Lactobacilli counts of yogurt samples diluted to the

appropriate dilution with 99mL of sterilized Butterfield

buffer in pre-filled dilution bottles (Weber Scientific,

Hamilton, NJ, USA) were performed by the pour plate

method using Difco Lactobacilli MRS agar (Becton,

Dickinson and Co., Sparks, MD, USA). Petri dishes were

placed in BBL GasPaks (BBL, Becton, Dickinson and Co.,

Cockeysville, MD, USA) and incubated anaerobically at

40 1C for 72 h. A Quebec Darkfield Colony Counter (Leica

Inc., Buffalo, NY, USA) was used to assist in enumerating

the colonies. The counts were performed at 0, 1, 2, 4, 6, and

8wk of storage.

2.4. pH measurements

The pH of the yogurts was measured with an UltraBasic

pH/mV Meter (Denver Instrument Co., Arvada, CO,

USA) during incubation at 40 1C and at approximately

5 1C at 0, 1, 2, 4, 6, and 8wk of storage. The electrode was

calibrated with pH 7.00 and 4.00 buffer solutions (VWR

International, West Chester, PA, USA) prior to use.

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    2.2. 乳酸菌總數的測定

    計算酸乳樣本的乳酸菌總數時,樣本必須先在裝了99毫升無菌Butterfield緩衝溶液(Weber Scientific,美國新澤西州Hamilton)的稀釋用容器中進行適當稀釋,接著採倒皿法(pour plate)將前述稀釋液倒入Difco乳酸菌MRS培養基(Becton, Dickinson and Co.,美國馬里蘭州Sparks)。然後將培養皿加蓋放入BBL GasPaks ((BBL, Becton, Dickinson and Co.,美國馬里蘭州Cockeysville),在厭氧環境、攝氏40度下培養72小時。計算菌落時,以Quebec暗視野菌落計數器(Leica Inc.,美國紐約州Buffalo)作為輔助。儲存至0、1、2、4、6與8週時,均進行計數工作。

    2.4. 酸鹼值(pH)測定

    酸奶酸鹼值的測定,是以UltraBasic公司的酸鹼電壓計(pH/mV Meter)(Denver Instrument Co.,美國科羅拉多州Arvada),在攝氏40度的反應期間,以及大約攝氏5度儲存至0、1、2、4、6與8週時進行。儀器使用前,電極部份先以pH 7.00與4.00的緩衝溶液(VWR International,美國賓州West Chester)校正。

    Source(s): 我是醫檢師、專業翻譯
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