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急急急 我需要翻譯一


我番的都亂七八糟= =



















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    (should be to the grain crisis that the United Nations holds the summit)

    Pan JiWen says, the United Nations is making up the special work group and dealing with this crisis, relevant details are expected to help organization's director and announce after holding the meeting in Bern, capital of Switzerland in he and the United Nations.

    Is it last two days meeting this time to participate in, is it come from 20 of the United Nations help director and World Bank president of organization assist and set up gram and Lammi, Secretary General of World Trade Organization to have.

    According to the estimation by the United Nations, because the price of grain rises violently in the whole world nearly 100 million poorest people need to help.

    Such prices of main food as the rice, grain, food oil and candy,etc. all go up and amount to 50% at least compared with the same period of last year now.

    In a short time, world Food and Agriculture Organization needs increasing extraly by 755 million dollars, because budget of original a 2008 enough to should pay upward grain price and increasing demand.

    But increase perhaps amount of money or grain crisis one comparatively apt problem that solve. Because the riot that grain shortage caused has already made the whole world all pay close attention to the question of the price, some country, such as Britain, already promise to offer and help more.

    In fact, in the long run, the challenge of grain-production is the most arduous. In what very constant agriculture of popularization to develop, while solving the climate and turning into the warm problem, will guarantee to produce enough grain.

    (fresh water crisis causes Chinese grain shortage)

    The expert thinks, because the fresh water lacks causes the grain to drop in production, China will increase the grain to import by a large margin at the beginning within less than one year, bring upward presure to grain price of global market.

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