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Does anyone know how illegal immigration has effected the U.S. economy?

it would be great if you could put it in your own words!

any links would be good too!


I really need some long in detail answers... Im writing a paper.

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    It is my considered opinion that illegal immigration,since it is

    illegal,the illegals would do whatever they could to hide this

    fact,hence,it would be difficult to accurately calculate any


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    The federal costs are staggering. In Mississippi alone, A 2006 a study says over 25 million per year. It also states the actual number cannot be calculated.

    According to, there are, 21,509,904 illegal immigrants now in the country with another added every 50 seconds. Of these, other than Mex. and south American total only 535,432. The cost ot the illegals in social services since 1996 is a staggering $397,455,997,813. The cost of illegals in K-12, also since '96 is $14,115,300,572. The cost of incarcerations since 2001 is $1,411,900,676 and skilled jobs taken by illegal immigrants totals 10,487,319.

    But remember, these numbers are growing ,as you read this, by leaps and bounds.

    So to summarize how illegal immigration has affected the United States of America, in a word, DISASTROUSLY!

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    Just like CNN puts it, "Illegal aliens pay billions in taxes".

    Or "Immigrants Boost, Don't Drain, the U.S. Economy ". There are a lot of positives in it, but there are more anti-immigration people on here, so you'll get all the negatives. Don't pay attention to the thumbs down, just read the articles and be open minded about it.

    WASHINGTON - Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff predicted painful economic fallout from the array of immigration enforcement measures the administration unveiled Friday in an attempt to choke off the jobs "magnet" that draws illegal immigrants.

    The changes, which would stiffen work-site enforcement, add border agents and increase penalties for rogue employers, could cause havoc in immigrant-dependent industries such as agriculture, hospitality and health care, Chertoff acknowledged. "There will be some unhappy consequences for the economy out of doing this," he said.

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    Any citizen that belongs to the working class is in danger of becoming unemployed and homeless. Employers that hire illegals will say that American citizens are better off than illegals so they are doing a good thing. Its almost believable but if the employers really cared about illegal mexican immigrants than they would be paid the same as American citizens.

    The middle class never cared about illegal immigration because their jobs were never in danger. But now the working class citizens have to strive for more and the middle class is being dragged down.

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    Its helped small and big buisness owners with cheap, nonskill related labor. It also helps the consumers with cheaper products and services.

    The downside is that uneducated Americans have found more competition for jobs that are avaliable to them.

    There are also unseen implications that include: loss of tax revenue, cost tax payers money innumerous ways, and their lack of insurance.

    Also the destruction of the fundamentals of the Constituion will be inevitable when Illegal immigrants are given driver licences and, consequently, the right to vote dispite not being a citizen.

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    One could write a whole book attempting to answer that question. Illegal immigration has affected the U.S. economy in many different ways... but I'm kinda lazy right now to list them all out so here's a link to start you off

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    Probably not; if we had those sorts of details we would know who the illegals were and where they lived and they would be returned to legal status in their home country.

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    In the short term it probably helped but if the economy goes south and jobs get scarce just watch things get real ugly.

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    in some ways it boosted profits for those flipping houses when they'd pull up to a home depot and have to fend off the mexicans trying to jump into the back of their pickup! all of whom are willing to work at wages undeclared as they push each other aside to make a few glorified pesos!

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    Great for corporate America, lousy for the American worker.

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