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Ok, guy problems...?

Ok, background info: I'm 16, he's 19, although we both thought we were the same age. Most ppl think I'm about 20. We are both shift managers at McDonalds. I think he likes me cuz:

-Last December, he asked me for my # so we could hang out. I said no to hanging out, but gave him my number.

-He texted me a lot, and said things like "You're supergirl", "wanna go dancing with me lol".

-I got a new phone, so he asked for my #, but I didn't give it to him, even though he asked for it three times. Then he supposedly asked my bff for it...althoug he denies doing that.

-When I told him I wasn't allowed to go out with him, he tried to arrange group activities where both of us would go.

-I told him I'm not into the drinking and partying scene, and he's really toned that down when he's around me

-He asked for my e-mail and msn.

-I finally told him "just friends" and he said OK, but still is REALLy friendly and helpful at work.



For example, there is a McD's in a Wal-Mart that I close every Saturday and he's found a reason to stop by every time I close there but once.

Anyway, I've cut off any communication with him outside of work. I told him not to call/text me, he knows we can't go out alone or in a group, he knows I'm not into drinking and partying like he is, I won't let him e-mail me or chat online, so WHY does he still seem interested? He told me he has bad luck with girls...and his friends tease him about u think maybe he is trying to prove to them that he can win over a girl? But why is he spending six months doing that?????????

Btw, I'm NOT going out with him...personal reasons.

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    Put this in another category People in P&S don't want to read long, boring stories.

    This is the section for quickies.

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    Thats messed up...give the poor guy a chance

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    i agree give him a chance get over your personal reasons and keep it secret till he messes it up like every other guy does. : )

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    Why is the question in Polls and Surveys?

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    Maybe he sees that you don't have a boyfriend and feels sorry for you.

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