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Ok, guy problems...?

Ok, background info: I'm 16, he's 19, although we both thought we were the same age. Most ppl think I'm about 20. We are both shift managers at McDonalds. I think he likes me cuz:

-Last December, he asked me for my # so we could hang out. I said no to hanging out, but gave him my number.

-He texted me a lot, and said things like "You're supergirl", "wanna go dancing with me lol".

-I got a new phone, so he asked for my #, but I didn't give it to him, even though he asked for it three times. Then he supposedly asked my bff for it...althoug he denies doing that.

-When I told him I wasn't allowed to go out with him, he tried to arrange group activities where both of us would go.

-I told him I'm not into the drinking and partying scene, and he's really toned that down when he's around me

-He asked for my e-mail and msn.

-I finally told him "just friends" and he said OK, but still is REALLy friendly and helpful at work.



For example, there is a McD's in a Wal-Mart that I close every Saturday and he's found a reason to stop by every time I close there but once.

Anyway, I've cut off any communication with him outside of work. I told him not to call/text me, he knows we can't go out alone or in a group, he knows I'm not into drinking and partying like he is, I won't let him e-mail me or chat online, so WHY does he still seem interested? He told me he has bad luck with girls...and his friends tease him about u think maybe he is trying to prove to them that he can win over a girl? But why is he spending six months doing that?????????

Btw, I'm NOT going out with him...personal reasons.

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    just like girls, guys are in love with a challenge.....and you are unavailable which makes him 'have' to have you.

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    I'd be careful if I were you. He's had a lot more experience in the world than yourself in his age group.

    I admire you for sticking to your principles, as I think he's enjoying the thrill of the chase and trying to wear you down until you give in.

    Some guys won't let up until they get victory and then they lose interest.

    If you're not interested in him other than as a friend, then keep going the way you are and play it cool and polite.

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    I think he does like you. If you want to go for it, sure, but just remember that older guys (2+ years older) have a very different set of priorities than girls... just be careful of what you're getting into and don't let yourself be used.

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    whats the problem?

    he sounds like a really nice guy who really likes you

    but if you just want to be friends then make sure you keep your distance lol

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    In his eyes your playing hard to get.

    He will keep after you until you either date him or tell him to take a flying leap.

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