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I see a message saying,"Virtual memory is low" or "Out of virtual memory" in my computer what is the solution?

What is the reason for this message? can this be solved? If so how? Please help me.

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    You are facing the problem of "virtual memory" not the "Physical memory called the RAM".

    The virtual memory is same as the RAM but created by the operating system on the hard disk for faster performance.

    To increase the Virtual memory follow the steps...

    1)Right click on my computer open the "PROPERTIES"

    2)Choose the "ADVANCE" tab

    3)select the "SETTINGS" in Performance.

    4)Now one "PROPERTIES OPTION" window opens choose the "ADVANCE" tab.

    5)at the bottom of the window you can see the "VIRTUAL MEMORY" -->select "CHANGE"

    6)select the drive of virtual memory to reside.

    7)select the "CUSTOM SIZE" and set the intial size and maximum size of the virtual memory.

    8)don't forget to click on "SET" button and last "OK"

    9) you set your virtual memory, now restart your computer.

    You can monitor your virtual memory/ pageing file with TASK MANAGER. open it and look for the "PERFORMANCE" tab.

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    Here is what happening when you have a warning sign showing " virtual memory is low warning". Your computer uses physical memory, aka RAM, and virtual memory. Virtual memory is used to simulate more RAM when your computer is reaching its maximum CPU and RAM usage. It very similar to a bucket filling up with water. If your CPU needs water you can bring this resources to it. But your bucket size is limited. The more programs you use and disk space the more water is needed. But you can only deliver the set amount of water because your bucket size is limited. The bucket is your RAM. However, you can use a spare bucket to quickly to help meet the demand. The virtual memory is that spare bucket.

    You can change your virtual memory by altering amount of free resources for your computer to use for it, in a sense making the spare bucket bigger. Virtual memory uses free space as a resource. So you can change the the amount free space reserved for the Virtual memory.

    When you get to the Virtual Memory menu select the Custom Size check box. Then choose the initial size and the max size. Depending on how much free space you have you can choose what that amount of free space you want. If you are still confused the link below has a visual step by step instructions.

    1.Click Start, and then click Control Panel.

    2.Click Performance and Maintenance, and then click System.

    3.On the Advanced tab, under Performance, click Settings.

    4.Under Virtual memory, click Change.

    5.Under Drive [Volume Label], click the drive that contains the paging file that you want to change. In most computers its C:

    6.Under Paging file size for selected drive, click to Custom size check box. You can enter the amount of memory you would like to reserve for Virtual memory by entering the initial and maximum size.

    7.Click Set

    Hot tip: Keep the initial and maximum size the same to cut down on your CPU access. This will stop your CPU from constantly change your Virtual memory paging size. Also set the size 1.5 times higher than your physical memory.

    Hope this helps!

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    Since your question was Simple, Here's the "Simple" Answer..

    [SART] [Control Panel] [System] [Properties] [Performance] [Virtual Memory] And Adjust accordingly.

    Not So Simple Answer. (Depends on Free Disk Space available) ...

    If you have a lot of free space. Set it to "Manual or Let Me Decide" (Os Dependent) Set Virtual Memory to approximately 1.5 X (SysRAM) Total System Memory , It's also a good idea to locate it in the Root Directory of what ever drive you select (If you have more than 1 HD)...

    If you have Little free disk space, Leave it to Automatic setting, And disable any un-necessary background programs/services..

    Routine maintenance will usually prevent these errors. (Unless you have some Core file damage) eg. Corrupted .DLL's Or User.Dat (ntuser.dat&ntuser.da0) under most forms of Win-NT like Win-2000,ME,XP.

    Routine Maintainence being Error Checking drives, and Defragmentation.

    Source(s): 37 Years of working on Windows PC's. (Professionally)
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    Virtual memory is the amount of RAM that you have, plus any "swap space" (space on your hard drive that is used as temporary storage space to store "pages" that are "swapped" out of RAM). Essentially, your computer does this juggling routine with the memory, so that it looks like you have more RAM than you actually have.

    Generally speaking you can set how much of your hard disk can be used for swap space. If you are running low on space on your hard drive, you may not have any space to use for swap (thus people telling you to remove some files). You may be able to increase the amount of your hard drive that can be used for swap.

    However, the old rule of thumb is, if you have more than twice as much swap as you do RAM, performance goes down the tubes pretty fast. So if you are already at 2x RAM, then increasing swap won't buy you that much. Instead you must buy more RAM.

    Your machine will run faster with more RAM (less swapping out to disk), so if you can afford it, this would be the better route to go.

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    Virtual Memory has very little to do with the size of your hard drive or how full it is. It is basically RAM located on your hard drive. Here's how to increase the size:

    1. Click the Windows key + the Pause/Break key.

    2. go to the Advanced Tab

    3. click on the Performance Settings button

    4. click the Advanced tab

    5. go to the Virtual Memory area and click Change

    6. you can either check System Managed size if you want Windows to mange the size or click custom and set Minimum size to 0 and Maximum size to about 2 times the size of your RAM memory. for instance if you have 1 GB (1000 MB) of RAM, the max. size should be set to 2 GB (2000 MB)

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    Increase your virtual memory in a simple way..

    Just do the following steps..

    1. click start

    2. right click My Computer

    3. Properties ->Advanced->Performance->settings

    4. Advanced->virtual memory->change

    here you can assign a high virtual memory, really it works better, you know my system runs with 111MB of ram only because got a problem with my 256MB of RAM, and so i have increased my virtual memory to 3GB so it works pretty good, also i periodically clearing my pagefile using recovery console too...

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    Open My Computer in start and hold your mouse over your C:. It's probably around 100 mb or less I'm guessing. You need to get rid of some old programs you don't use anymore and empty your recycle bin.

    Right click your recycle bin and say empty.

    To uninstall go to control panel, add or remove programs, and click remove when you have the program you dont want highlighted.

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    This is a memory (RAM) problem. The temporary fix is to reboot your PC. Really, the only real solution is to add more RAM to you PC.

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    your c drive memory is full no space to instll space so plz u can remove some unuse program from c drive so your computer is not flase that msg

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    You need to close some programs or get a RAM upgrade, the latter being the best, but most expensive.

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