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Can you name your C & A contact(s) favorite singer(s)/group(s)?

What it said...

^_^ I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing ^_^

Anime Q >> Who is your favorite Anime singer?

Contacts (I'll even say three!!) BETTER NOT COPY ME XD

** [>Jazmin<] Eminem?

** [chu_4_lyfe Supports NaruHina (LoL)] Eminem, Tupac, Younha, Home Made Kazoku, Linkin Park, Michelle Branch, Kelly Clarkson, Hyori Lee, Koda Kumi, Big Bang, D12, Click Five... MUCH more people =)

** [Talrimk] Aerosmith =]

** EXTRA All my contacts like Soulja Boy LoL XD JK

*Star if you <3 music* =]

**I'm a Boy BTW, I bet you thought I was a girl because of the babe in the avatar XD**

<> KoDa_KuMi_4_LyFe <>

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    Off the top of my head, I can think that Super S likes Aly and AJ... because she mentioned that once...

    Stabby likes Three Days Grace... she already said that.. -_-

    and a lot of weird bands I have NEVER heard of...

    Stabby and FMC like PATD

    FMC and Canine like RJA... me too!^^

    FMC also likes Kelly Clarkson and Natasha Bedingfield, at least when she is HAPPY.

    I know a LOT of people like Linkin Park....

    and I mean... a LOT! *mind boggles*

    Lex likes Revelation Theory...

    Hi five Chu! You listen to some good stuff... (not all of it, but some!^^)

    OOH! *thinks*

    Pyro - Boys Like Girls...

    She said that when we found a possible clowny....

    and she also likes Skillet and Egypt Central... if the music she posts everywhere is accurate...

    *edit* Depressing music, Stabby? Nope.... >:D Only when I'm sad. I just like EXTREME music... EXTREMELY sad, or EXTREMELY angry, or EXTREMELY happy! :D

    *edit* EXTREMELY rebellious? surprisingly, no. -.- it's EXTREMELY happy... your worst fear... T_T

    SUUUUUURE Stabby... Know what you made me dream of last night: CHICKENS! >.<

    *edit* YORI! I remembered that you like Evanescence... i remember because it seemed very un-Yori-like...

    High five Yori! >.<

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    Fun! Alisha: Milan and Micah... and perhaps Caspian and Leonardo? Oh yes and Freya Lilian or Lily for a girl. Silver: Definitely Nathaniel Carter Blake and Serena Ivy Belle (and Delilah Annabelle Rose, I think?) Niksticks: Matilda Violet, Matilda Holly or Holiday, Madeline Flora, perhaps Leon James... oh and RILEY of course! :-) Kaylee: This is easy, she always says them :) Katherine Sophie, Esme Ruby, Benjamin Riley... I should know more. =) Blondie Blast (= : Perhaps Rosalie, Hannah, Sienna, I don't know the combinations. Noelle: Eve or Evangeline? Rose or Rosalie? Something with a Caroline or Catherine? Sunshine9379 (well I forget the numbers at the end of her username) : William James, Noah Matthew, Benjamin Patrick, Zachary Mark, Ryan Nathaniel, Nathan Michael, or something like that. Astra Lux definitely likes Dean (Dean Carter) and Rose Caitlin or Cathleen. After that, I'm not sure. BQ: Yours slipped my mind entirely, sorry. EDIT: Alisha: Correct! That was the first name on my list... I doubt that anyone else will get mine. Yay.

  • Uhhh @_@

    I really don't know all my contacts that well T_T

    >>I know that Itachi nii san (Zipper) likes Paramore :D

    >>And Obviously Shadow likes ICP -_-''

    >>Boots likes depressing music @_@

    >>Pyro- uhh whoever sang carmelldansen?? xD

    I'm seriously clueless TT_TT...... I know nuffing bouts mi contacts.... yes I know bad time to go redneck but we all have our moments..... maybe it's just me actually >.>

    And Yori- you spelled it right..... and it's SOOOO close!!!! My fav= Three Days Grace ^_^..... second fav= Maxi the Hormone =3

    But I have no clue what you like so at least you were close =_=

    *firmly covers ears* NOOOO!!! No soulja Boooy..... nevah!!!

    And I guess I HAVE to believe you're a dude now.... unfortunately >_<.... I need new material !_!

    *Edit* ohhh EXTREME huh?? I guess it's extremely rebellious right now right?? xD

    *Edit* you.... HAPPY?? *passes out*

    ~5 hours later~

    *bwahahahaha* I musta dreamed that.... Boots- happy.... *phew* that was a weird nightmare T_T

    *Edit* MUAHAHAHA I didn't dream of chickens cause I passed out on the spot last night... LUCKY!!! >:D

    Me like Linkin Park and Evanescence *can't spell* But everyone in my school hates them T_T.... curse my classmates >.<

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    *looks for a contact*

    Um, Shadow, I don't really like ICP but one of my best friends does!





    Anime Question-

    Band or singer? Well, for a band, I like Orange Range!



    1. Blades Destiny Shana

    - ...BRB

    2. Anime Rose

    - Any shojo song, I guess.

    3. Shadow Mist

    - Just a guess, but ICP? :D

    4. DarthRaider666

    - Does he like many different types of music? O.o

    5. Isabelle

    - ...BRB again

    6. Solcrest

    - ...BRB again again

    7. Stabby

    - Maximum the Hormone (I spelled it wrong...-_-')

    8. Fullmetal_chick

    - ...BRB again again again

    Man, I don't know my peeps that well.



    Okay, Stabby.

    *writes down*

    Stabby's fav = Three Days Grace


    Peoples, I LOVE LINKIN PARK!

    Oh, and Franz Ferdinand, Three Days Grace, Evanecsence, etc.


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  • I know that you are a BOY! =] Dont worry about that!:D

    Hmmmm can I say who my fave bands are instead of my contacts` fave singers??? xD Ok I will do it!I`m shameless! xD Here we go:Papa Roach,30 seconds to Mars,Hoobastank,Simple Plan,System of a Down,Three Days Grace,3 Doors Down,Jimmy Eat World!!!

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    I like a lot of rock bands, hip hop, jpop, and sountracks. Like Fall Out Boy, Fort Minor, Utada Hikaru, etc. I only know one contact like.... which is Poison, listens to Vanessa Carlton.

  • 1 decade ago

    All I know is Anime Rose's favourites are Changin' My Life and Utada Hikaru. XD

    My favourite anime singer is BoA; I don't watch any anime with her music in it, but she *does* sing in a lot of anime. XD;

  • nope!!!!

    Yes i did think you were a girl!!!

    Battousai rocks-I'm a Kenshin otaku!!!

    Yup i like to crank dat soulja boy.. I like the Crank Dat Batman song too.

    Battousai rocks

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    i dont no abt any of my contacts but my favorites are A.F.I, paramore, my chemical romance, less than jake, relient k, angels & airwaves, deathcab for cutie, linkin park and alot more

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    1 decade ago

    thats to ahrd haha no i can't

    i don't know who sings it but i like the one for kamichama karin it was awesome

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