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What's the likelyhood my proof-of-insurance court appearance will be dismissed?

I didn't show up on the 24th. I had exams. But it says on the ticket, failure to show up is like admitting guilt. When I had to go for a stop sign, I had school and they excuse it. But that was city. This is county government.

I went on the website and they want me to pay $210. ($160 for the charge, 50 for the fee).

Ultimately, since I deliver for a living, I want it erased to keep my job. And just pay court cost.


I had insurance at the time and still do with USAA, but the print out was expired by a couple of months.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Sounds like you have been found guilty, whether your are or not, because you didn't show up for your court date. You could have called the court, explained your problem, and had the date moved to a time when you didn't have exams.

    Pay up and live with the fact that it will be on your record.

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  • 4 years ago

    The ingenious paper paintings is what you go with. they are asking approximately motor vehicle coverage, no longer medical coverage this is in all possibility what your "card" is. in case you weren't insured the rather date of offense, the gavel will fall. i became in court docket the different day for a non-appropriate offense in TN and the decide nonetheless made a infant and his mom pay an exceptional as a results of fact he did no longer have the data interior the automobile on the time of the interrogation. "in my view, the offense befell while the data of coverage became no longer interior the cardboard, for this reason, I do discover you responsible." He became a jerk and maximum probable yours gets dropped, yet you will nonetheless incur court docket fee i'm particular.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Are you guilty of the charge? If so, pay it and go on. If not, then hire a lawyer to get it dismissed.

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