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Why do Opposite Attract?

For example, Taurus & Scorpio and Aries & Libra are considered opposite. But technically, they're not opposite. Because Taurus & Scorpio are both "fixed" and Aries & Libra are "cardinal". So they have lots of things in common.

Opposite to me is Leo & Cancer and Pisces & Aries.

Any thoughts!?!?


oh so one balance out the other.

it should be call balance attraction

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    In theory, one seeks what is missing in oneself in their opposite.

    For example, Cancer placements may have the nurturing, home bound base that provides the safe haven for the business world conquering Capricorn...

    In reality, the Cardinal signs may butt heads, the fixed signs may find each other too stubborn, and the muteables opposites may find the other too flexible...

    Or maybe not.

  • Jammin
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    In the zodiac a sign is very different by there personality traits and their elements. For example you where saying that Aries and Libra are similar. The reason they are different is because a Libra is a air sign who is very optimistic(indecisive at times) and creative. Part of their personality they also are peacemakers who are willing to compromise. On the other side Aries is a fire sign so they are I guess you could say spicy and very energetic which Libra is attracted to lol. Part of their personality that make them work well with Libra is that they are headstrong and once they make a choice they are sure about it. Being so, they work well with Libra because they help Libra who is indecisive. Arie's energy and Libra's creativity make them work great. So the qualities of very different signs can help them work magically together.

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    I think opposites attract because we all want something we can't have. It's human nature. I seem to be attracted to my opposites. However, it never lasts for whatever reason. I think that I just get sick dealing with the attitude. I'm a very giving person and to be around a person that only cares for them self is annoying after a while.

    Source(s): Sun: Virgo Moon: Libra Rising: Capricorn (yeah, Ryan Cap.)Lol
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    It's a beautiful thing actually. I don't agree with Left-T's observations on the Cancer/Capricorn pairing at all. I'm Cancer, my hubby is Cappy and we have the exact same views on home, family, career, and all the other big stuff. He doesn't love to work at all, he works in order to help our family thrive....that's about as far as it goes. He is a lot more home bound than me---I want to get out there and do! He is more practical and down to earth than I am, which helps keep me steady....I am more OUTWARDLY emotional than he is (Capricorns are terribly misunderstood and extremely emotional once they are in a commited relationship) which helps him lighten up a little bit and which soothes him when he takes himself too seriously or gets too stressed. Water and earth can make mud in this relationship if you both try to be boss, but in our case, we're equals. Water cleanses and nourishes earth which makes us very compatible indeed. We have enough differences to keep it interesting, but there is very little we disagree on.

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    im a taurus whose met my match in a scorpio. i didn't even think it was possible for me to find someone who was able to make me want to give up my wild ways or could calm me down when i was out of hand but he does it, and with such an ease. but i also am able to calm him down too, i think its an understanding. very intense relationship one i don't think i will ever want to give up. however on the contrair we can make each other so mad sometimes people are nervous to be around us. i guess its that fixed cant even agree to disagree on things stubborn ways we both have. there is just something magnetic and magical that happens between two people who are opposites. theres no having to explain yourselves to each other you just understand, but i do think it is an absolute must you have some things in common i really think this is a relationship worth the fight because all in all you really have so much to teach each other, you can open their eyes up to the side of the world they were blind too and vise versa. i know some opposites just butt heads right from the get go and never are able to reach that plane of understanding because opposite also have a very hard time communicating from the beginning but once we do... look out world. haha. cool question.

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    I dont know what is considered opposite but I think cancers really are attracted to capricorns and I always have the hots for / or very much like capricorns , I get attracted to them instantly. If they are not cappy sun, they are either cappy rising, or cappy venus and mars , cappy mercury.....or .a stellium in cappy....

    Oh....and scorpions run second for me.

    Source(s): I am a cancer
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    I have dated females who are alot different than me but we still had a general understanding of each other and were open minded towards one another,because we liked each other Of course you have to be able to relate on certain levels or why would we have liked each other openmindedness and compatibility may be the key

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    i totally agree with you on your question and you make sense on the fixed and cardinal however, what they mean on opposites ist there is an opisition between these signs that makes these opposite signs collide and clash and just bump heads , im a scorpio with a tauras man, so much in comman however we bump so much heads

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    I don't think it's really about opposites attracting, I think it really depends on the person. Sure, you don't want to like the exact same things, but do you really want to disagree on everything? I hope this helps, but if you ask me it's really a matter of opinion.

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    nature succeeds when it balances in everything.

    the antelopes eat the grass, the lion eats the antelopes, when animals die it fertilizes the soil for the grass to grow again.

    its just life, too much of anything is bad, too much of food is bad, not enough food is bad. being too emotional is bad (cancer) being too cold is bad (Capricorn) we need someone to balance us! get it?

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